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Saturday 30th September 2023

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Rothwell, Evelyn (1911-2008) English

Air and Rondo [Handel-Rothwell] {oboe & piano: set 36/037-8}

A book of scales for the oboe {36/082 a-b : 2 copies}

Concerto in C major for oboe and strings: arr. for oboe & piano [Eichner-Rothwell] {set 36/023}

Largo and allegretto for oboe and piano [Marcello-Rothwell] {set 36/052.5-2}

Sonata in G [Boni-Rothwell] {oboe & piano: set 36/003.8}

Les tendres plaintes: [arr. for oboe and piano] [Rameau-Rothwell] {set 36/080.8 #score and part}