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North East of Scotland Music School

Monday 27th March 2023

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Yon, Pietro Alessandro (1886-1943) Italian-American

Humoresque 'L'organo primitivo': toccatina for [organ] flute {40/278}

York, Francis L (1861-1955) American

Concerto in A major K 488 [Mozart-York] {p. duo: 22/031-9 a}

Youmans, Vincent (1898-1946) American

I want to be happy {from No No Nanette} {17/598-1}

No no Nanette: piano selection {21/383-1}

Tea for two {from No No Nanette} {17/598-2}

Without a song {from Great Day} {17/598-3 a-b : 2 copies : No. 2 in Eb}

Young, Dalhousie James (1866-1921) English

Dithering ditties: ridiculous rhymes set for singing {09/219}

Young, John Harrington (20th c.) N. Irish

Andante grazioso {violin & piano: set 28/059-1 #lacks sep. cello part}

Yvon, Carlo (1798-1854) Italian

Sonata per corno inglese e piano-forte {set 36/098.7 #large photocopy - for reference only}