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Friday 24th March 2023

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Zafred, Mario (1922-1987) Italian

Terza sonata {p. solo: 21/384}

Zajac, Elaine Ursula (1940-2015) American

Five miniatures: sax. quart. (SATB) {set 37/685 #score only}

Zalva, George L (1895-1951) English

The King Steps Out (piano selection) [Kreisler-Zalva] {21/210.5}

Zamecnik, John Stepan (1872-1953) American

Polly {p. solo: 21/385}

Zaninelli, Luigi (1932- ) Italian-American

The water is wide: folk song (SSA) {15/083}

Zanon, Maffeo (1882-1968) Italian

The music master (Il maestro di cappella): burlesque intermezzo for bass-baritone [Cimarosa-Zanon] {14/028}

Zeller, Carl (1842-1898) Austrian

The Bird Seller (Der Vogelhändler): operetta {07/059}

Don't be cross (Sei nicht bös') {from Der Obersteiger} [Zeller-Naylor] {17/600-1 a-b : 2 copies : Eb}

The nightingale: song {17/600-2 : Bb}

Roses in Tyrol (Rosen in Tirol) {from The Birdseller}: duet (sop. & ten.) with mixed choir {18/181 a-h : 8 copies}

Ziehrer, Karl Michael (1843-1922) Austrian

Diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt Op. 442: Walzer {p. solo: 21/387-5}

Gebirgs-Kinder (Les Montagnardes) Op. 444: Walzer {p. solo: 21/387-1}

Heimatsgefühle Op. 436: Walzer {p. solo: 21/387-4}

Nachtschwärmer (Les Noctambules) Op. 466: Walzer {p. solo: 21/387-2}

Parfüm-Walzer (Le Parfum) Op. 469 {p. solo: 21/387-3}

Wienerisch!: Walzer no. 1-4 + Coda {p. solo: 16/040 [2/11]}

Zilcher, Hermann (1881-1948) German

Klavierskizzen Op. 26 {21/388.9-}

Zilcher, Paul (1855-1943) German

An album of easy pieces for piano Op. 198 {21/389}

Zimmermann, Charles A (1862-1916) American

Anchors aweigh: song of the Navy [Zimmermann-Savino] {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/605-1}

Zoeller, Carli (1840-1889) Anglo-German

Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without words) Bk 1 No. 2: duet for p-forte and violin, v-cello, flute or clar. [Mendelssohn-Zoeller] {Cuningham Boosey: set 28/031.8-2}

Zverov, Eleanore (20th c.)

Song without words Op. 19 No. 2 [Mendelssohn-Zverov] {oboe & piano: set 36/054}

Zwart, Jan (1877-1937) Dutch

Elegisch voorspel Psalm 51:1: 'Genâ o God, genâ, hoor mijn gebed' {organ: 40/290[2]}

Fantasie-toccatine Psalm 33 [and] Elegisch voorspel Psalm 51:1: 'Zingt vrolijk, heft de stem naar boven' {organ: 40/290}

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