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Wednesday 1st February 2023

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Orchestra Radioteleviziunii Romane

Arias from operettas by Lopez, Lehár and Strauss - Lopez - Ludovic Spiess, tenor; Orchestra Electrecord, Orchestra Radioteleviziunii Romane: Constantin Bobescu (V-33 499)

Arias from operettas by Zeller and Offenbach - Zeller - Ludovic Spiess, tenor; Orchestra Radioteleviziunii Romane: Constantin Bobescu; Filarmonicii din Ploiesti: Carol Litvin (V-33 499)

Concert pentru vioara si orchestra - Berger - Mihai Constantinescu; Orchestra Simfonica a Radioteleviziunii: Iosif Conta (V-33 839)

Simfonia nr. 5 'Muzica Solemna' - Berger - Orchestra Simfonica a Radioteleviziunii: Emanuel Elenescu (V-33 839)