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Thursday 1st December 2022

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Berkeley, Lennox Randal Francis (Sir) (1903-1989) English

Five songs (med. v.: 09/016)

German, Edward (Sir) [=Edward German Jones] (1862-1936) English

Charming Chloe: song for med. v. (17/214-13 a)

Charming Chloe: song for med. v. (17/214-13 b)

Hopkins, Antony (1921-2014 English

A melancholy song: for med. v. & piano (17/288.5)

Le Fleming, Christopher (1908-1985) English

If it's ever Spring again: for med. v. & p. (17/333.2 a-b : 2 copies)

Moule-Evans, David (1905-1988) Welsh

Twilight: song for med. v. & piano (17/415.5)

Quilter, Roger (1877-1953) English

Spring is at the door Op. 18 No. 4: song for med. v. & piano (17/462-21(4))

Raphael, Mark (b.1900) Anglo-Polish

Three Blake songs: for med. v & piano (17/465.25-2)

Thiman, Eric Harding (1900-1975) English

Evening in lilac time: song for med. v. (B flat) (17/551-5 a-b : 2 copies)