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Sunday 3rd December 2023

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Parry, Hubert (Sir Charles Hubert Hastings) (1848-1918) English

The music to the Agamemnon of Aeschylus (ten. & bass: 01/063-5)

The pied piper of Hamelin (ten. & bass: 01/063-4)

Sarjeant, James (19th-20th c.) English

Watchman! what of the night?: duet (ten. & bass) (18/141 c)

Watchman! what of the night?: duet (ten. & bass) (18/141 b)

Stainer, John (Sir) (1840-1901) English

The Crucifixion: meditation [oratorio] for two solo v. (ten. & bass) & chor. (08/053-1 a-g : 7 copies)

Webber, William Southcombe Lloyd (1914-1982) English

The Saviour: meditation upon the death of Christ, for ten. & bass soli, SATB & org. (02/132)