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Valdemar, A. (19th-20th c.)

The two beggars: humorous duet for ten. & bar. or bass / Wilson {18/179-1 a-b - words by A. Valdemar}

Valency, Maurice (1903-1996) American

La Périchole / Offenbach { libr. 03/098 - Eng. adapt. by Maurice Valency}

La Périchole: Metropolitan Opera version / Offenbach {06/036-2 - Eng. libr. Maurice Valency, voc. sc. Julius Burger}

Valentine (Arthur) (1876-1961) English

A bachelor gay {from The Maid of the Mountains} / Tate {solo v. : p. voc. + sol-fa 17/547.5 - written by Clifford Harris & Valentine}

Valmore, Graham (19th-20th c.) English

The vale of sleep: song / Valmore {17/554 - words and music Graham Valmore}

Van der Elst, Frédéric (19th-20th c.) Belgian

see Elst, Frédéric van der

Vautor, Thomas (fl.1592-1619) English

Sweet Suffolk owl / Poston {solo v. : 17/455.5 a-b - words by Thomas Vautor}

Vere, Edward de (17th Earl of Oxford) (1550-1604) English

see Earl of Oxford

Verlaine, Paul (1844-1896) French

Dansons la gigue / Poldowski {solo v. : 17/452-2 - poésie de Paul Verlaine}

D'une prison / Hahn {solo v. : 17/243-1 - poésie de Paul Verlaine}

L'Heure exquise / Poldowski {solo v. : 17/452-1 - poésie de Paul Verlaine}

Neuf mélodies Op. 61 / Fauré {solo v. : 09/071.5-2 - poésie de Paul Verlaine}

The sky above the roof / Vaughan-Williams {17/555-9 - words by Mabel Dearmer (from the French of Verlaine)}

Verney, Joan (Lady) (1877-1951), English

A song of Summer / Coates {17/127-6 - words by Lady Joan Verney}

Villon, Fran (1431-c1463) French

Ballade pour prier Nostre Dame (1998): for SSA and organ / Dalby { voc. sc. 18/039.5-1 - words by Fran}

Vincent, Elmer (19th-20th c.) American

Rio nights: song / Thompson {17/552.35 - words by Elmer Vincent}

Vivian-Kennelly, C. E. (19th-20th c.)

Heart of mine / Croke {17/142.8 - words by C. E. Vivian-Kennelly}

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