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North East of Scotland Music School

Saturday 4th February 2023

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Anderson, Paul (1970- Scottish

The Cromar collection: inc. over 100 compositions for the Scottish Fiddle (fiddle: Books)

The Lochnagar collection: 308 orig. compositions (fiddle: Books)

Carse, Adam (1878-1958) English

Fiddle fancies: 7 short pieces (26/001)

Kerr, James Spiers (1841-1893) Scottish

Kerr's collection of reels & strathspeys, Highland schottisches, country dances, jigs, etc: [117 compositions] (fiddle: 26/012)

Kerr's [second] collection of merry melodies for the violin: Scotch reels & strathspeys (fiddle: 26/012-2(2))

Reith, James Duncan (1932-2011) Scottish

Song, dance and fiddle music: [4 dances, 6 fiddle tunes, 4 songs] (26/005)

Skinner, James Scott (1843-1927) Scottish

The Scottish violinist: [selection of ~160 strathspeys, reels &c for the violin] (fiddle: 26/018-3)

Stove, Gideon (1874-1954) Scottish

The Gideon Stove tune book (The Shetland violinist), vol. 1 (fiddle: Books)

Various Composers

Allan's collection of reels & strathspeys, etc.: [129] Highland schottisches, jigs, hornpipes, etc (fiddle: 26/010)

Allan's Irish fiddler: 120 reels & jigs, hornpipes & set dances (26/011)

The Balmoral reel book: with p. accomp.. (fiddle & piano: 26/009)

The Caledonian companion: [collection of Scottish fiddle music] (Books)

Da Mirrie dancers: book of Shetland fiddle tunes (26/003-1)

The fiddle music of Scotland: compreh. annot. colln., with historical intro. [365 tunes] (Books)

The fiddler's tune-book: 100 trad. airs (26/007-1 a-b : 2 copies)

Gie's an A: Shetland fiddle tunes (26/003-2)

Haand me doon da fiddle: Shetland fiddle music (26/003-3)

Middleton's selection of strathspeys, reels &c for the violin (26/008)

Ringing strings: trad. Shetland music & dance (26/003-4)

The second Fiddler's tune-book: 100 more trad. airs (26/007-2)

20 works by 7 composers, with -20 arrangers or second composers and 0 cross-references