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04-Various (Miscellanies)

Caruso album of songs & arias: [8 pieces, Ital., Fre., Span.] (Ricordi : 10/037.5-1)

Celebrated baritone songs (p. voc. + sol-fa: 14/014-2)

Duets for ladies' voices (15/008)

The Joan Hammond album of favourite arias: [8] fav. arias (11/035 a-c : 3 copies)

Tito Gobbi album: [8] bar. songs & arias (14/016-2)

The wonder album of soprano arias: [8 songs] (Ricordi : 11/045 a-b : 2 copies)

Arditi, Luigi (1822-1903) Italian

Il bacio (The kiss): waltz song (17/013-1 b)

Love's messenger (Il bacio) (17/013-1 d)

Becucci, Ernesto (1845-1905) Italian

Tesoro mio (Waltzing the hours away): waltz song (17/049)

Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827) German

In this sepulchral darkness (In questa tomba oscura) (17/050-2 a-b : 2 copies)

Bellini, Vincenzo (1801-1835) Italian

Norma: opera in 2 acts (Novello, Ewer : 06/004 b)

Bemberg, Hermann Emmanuel (1859-1931) French

Despair: Hindoo song : with violin or 'cello accomp. ad lib. (10/045-5[3])

Hindoo song : Despair: w. violin or 'cello accomp. ad lib. (10/045-5[3])

Benedict, Julius (Sir) (1804-1885) German-British

Carnival of Venice: song (17/059.3-1)

Bizet, Georges (1838-1875) French

The shades of night (serenade) {from The Fair Maid of Perth} (17/080-7)

Corbett, Felix (1861-1940) English

Butterflies (10/045-5[11])

Cowen, Frederic Hymen (1852-1935) English

A birthday (Il Compleanno) (17/140-1.2)

Gluck, Christoph Willibald von (1714-1787) German

Orpheus: [opera in 3 acts] (Kalmus : 06/019 a)

Orpheus Act 2: opera in 3 acts (Novello : 06/019(2) b-c : 2 copies)

Orpheus: [opera in 3 acts] (Novello : 06/019 c)

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Handel's opera songs: 52 songs (09/087-2)

Love's homage (Non lo dirò col labbro) {from Tolomeo} (17/250-9)

Spring (La Speranza è giunta) (from Otho} (17/252-10)

Ten songs (09/087-1 a-c : 3 copies)

Ye Cupids and Graces {from Alessandro}: inc. recit. Alexander's Course of Glory (17/252-4)

Leoncavallo, Ruggiero (1858-1919) Italian

Pagliacci (Punchinello): [musical drama] (06/024)

Prologue {from Pagliacci) (17/340-1 b)

Prologue {from Pagliacci) (17/340-1 a,c : 2 copies)

'Tis the day (Mattinata) (17/340-2.2)

Liszt, Franz (1811-1886) Hungarian

Liebestraum (Dream of love) (17/346-4)

Mascagni, Pietro (1863-1945) Italian

Alfio's song {from Cavalleria Rusticana}: [for low bar.] (17/387-1)

Ave Maria: song (founded on Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana) (10/045-5[10])

Ave Maria {adapt. from Cavalleria Rusticana} (17/387-2 a-b : 2 copies)

Cavalleria rusticana (Rustic chivalry): melodrama (Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew : 06/025 a)

Lola's song {from Cavalleria Rusticana} (21/227-2[3])

Romanza e Scena {from Cavalleria Rusticana}: [Santuzza's aria] (17/387-3 a-b : 2 copies)

Santuzza's Romanza e scena {from Cavalleria Rusticana} (21/227-2[4])

Mascheroni, Angelo (1855-1905) Italian

For all eternity (Eternamente): song (17/388-2 b-c : 2 copies)

For all eternity (Eternamente): song (17/388-2 a)

Hasten to me (Nell' attesa): song (17/388-1)

Till Death (I love you : Lontananza): song (16/050-4 [11])

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian

Così fan tutte: comic opera in two acts (Boosey : 06/032-1 c)

Don Giovanni: opera in two acts (Boosey : 06/032-3 b)

Give me thy hand (Là ci darem) {from Don Giovanni}: voc. duet [sop. & bar.] (18/107)

The Marriage of Figaro (Le Nozze di Figaro): comic opera in 4 acts (Boosey : 06/032-5 a-b,e-f : 4 copies)

Ridente la calma (How calm is my spirit): canzonetta (17/419-2)

So, sir page (Non più andrai) {from The Marriage of Figaro}: [bass aria: Figaro] (17/419-3)

Sweet zephyr (Sull' aria) {from Le Nozze di Figaro}: duet [sop. & sop. Susanna & the Countess] (18/107-2)

Pestalozza, Alberto (1851-1934) Italian

Ciribiribin (17/446.5)

Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924) Italian

La Bohème: opera in 4 acts (Ricordi : 06/038-1.1)

The Bohemians: opera in 4 acts (Ricordi : 06/038-1 a-d : 4 copies)

Love and music (Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore) {from Tosca}: [sop. aria: Tosca] (17/457-3 a-b : 2 copies)

The love duet (Vogliatemi bene) {from Madam Butterfly}: sop. & ten. (orig. key) (18/121-1)

Musetta's waltz song {from La Boheme}: [sop. aria] (17/457-4 a : 3 copies)

Musetta's waltz song {from La Bohème}: [sop. aria] (17/457-4 b)

Musetta's waltz song {from La Bohème}: [sop. aria] (17/457-4 c)

One fine day (Un bel dì, vedremo) {from Madam Butterfly}: [sop. aria: Madama Butterfly] (17/457-6 a,d-f : 4 copies)

One fine day (Un bel dì, vedremo) {from Madam Butterfly}: [sop. aria: Madama Butterfly] (17/457-6 b,g : 2 copies)

One fine day (Un bel dì, vedremo) {from Madam Butterfly}: [sop. aria: Madama Butterfly] (17/457-6 c)

Turandot: lyric dama in 3 acts & 5 scenes (06/038-5 a-b : 2 copies)

Tutti i fior' (The flower duet) {from Madam Butterfly}: sop. & mez. (18/122-2)

Yes, they call me Mimi (Sì, mi chiamano Mimì) {from La Bohème}: [sop. aria] (17/457-7 c)

Rossini, Gioachino Antonio (1792-1868) Italian

Deadly slander (La Calunnia) {from The Barber of Seville}: Don Basilio's aria (17/482-2)

Largo al factotum (Figaro's song) {from The Barber of Seville} (17/482-3 a-b : 2 copies)

Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901) Italian

Home to our mountains {from Il Trovatore}: 'Gipsy' duet "Si, la stanchezza m'opprime" (18/171-2)

O don fatale (O fatal gift) {from Don Carlo}: Princess Eboli's aria (17/556-4)

Pace, pace, mio Dio {from La Forza del Destino}: aria for sop. (17/556-12)

Salce (Willow song) {from Otello}: Desdemona's aria (17/556-6)

The tempest of the heart (Il balen del suo sorriso) {from Il Trovatore} (17/556-9)

Il Trovatore: opera (06/063-9 a)

Weber, Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von (1786-1826) German

Oberon: opera in 3 acts (06/076)

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