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Friday 29th September 2023

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Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra

Concerto no. 2 in C minor op.18 - Rachmaninoff - Svjatoslav Richter, piano; Sinfonie-Orchester der Nationalen Philharmonie Warschau: Stanislaw Wislocki (V-33 733)

Concerto pour piano et orchestre no. 2 en ut mineur op. 18 - Rachmaninoff - Svjatoslav Richter; Orchestre Philharmonique de Varsovie: Stanislaw Wislocki (V-33 1069)

Symphonie no. 5 op. 47 - Shostakovich - Orchestre Philharmonique de Varsovie: Witold Rowicki (V-33 1082)