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North East of Scotland Music School

Sunday 3rd December 2023

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Yampolsky, Vladimir, piano / Russian

Jota: Spanish dance - David Oistrakh, violin; Vladimir Yampolsky, piano (V-45 208)

Short pieces by Bartók, Szymanowski, Kodály - David Oistrakh, violin; Vladimir Yampolsky, piano (V-33m 582)

Short pieces by Vladigerov, Prokofiev, Suk - David Oistrakh, violin; Vladimir Yampolsky, piano (V-33m 582)

Sonata, G minor, Op. 2 No. 7 for two violins and piano - Vladimir Yampolsky, piano (V-45 182)

Sonata in g-moll - David Oistrakh, violin; Vladimir Yampolsky, piano (V-78m 591)

Variations on a theme of Rossini - David Oistrakh, violin; Vladimir Yampolsky, piano (V-45 208)

Yanev, Grigor, tenor / Bulgarian

Liturgia Domestica op. 79 - Boris Christoff, bass; Todor Grigorov-Teres, Grigor Yanev, tenor; Blagoi Spassov, baritone; Bulgarian Radio Chamber Orchestra: Georgi Robev (V-33 495)

Yano, Shige, soprano

Excerpts from 'Pimpinone' - Herbert Brauer, Shige Yano; Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: Wilhelm Brückner-Rüggeberg (V-33 400)

Yansons, Arvid (1914-1984), conductor / Latvian

Love the magician - Irina Arkhipova, mezzo-sop.; Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra: Arvid Yansons (V-33 885)

Yepes, Narciso (1927-1997), guitar / Spanish

Concerto for viola d'amore, lute (guitar) and strings in D minor, RV 540 - Monique Frasca-Colombier, viola d'amore; Narciso Yepes, guitar; Paul Kuentz Chamber Orchestra: Paul Kuentz (Audio 156)

Guitar Concerto [Concierto de Aranjuez, 1939] - Narciso Yepes; National Orchestra of Spain: Ataúlfo Argenta (V-33 R1279)

Young, Alexander (1920-2000), tenor / English

'The Curlew' (song cycle for solo voice and instruments) - Alexander Young, tenor; Lionel Solomon, flute; Peter Graeme, cor anglais; Sebastian String Quartet (V-33 1297)

Faust Symphony - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Beecham Choral Society: Sir Thomas Beecham; Alexander Young, tenor (V-33 1142)

Twelve songs [for solo voice] - Alexander Young, tenor; Gordon Watson, piano (V-33 1297)

Young, Charles, singer

Chu Chin Chow: vocal gems - Inia Te Wiata, Julie Bryan, Barbara Leigh, Charles Young; Williams Sisters; Michael Collins and his Orchestra (V-33 704)

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