Book Titles selected by Title (A-Z)

from the Library of the
North East of Scotland Music School

Sunday 10th December 2023

The AB guide to music theory, part 1 (Eric Taylor 1990) xiv,114p. {MuzTh : Tay}

The AB guide to music theory, part 2 (Eric Taylor 1991) 272p. {MuzTh : Tay}

An ABC of music: a short, practical guide to rudiments, harmony, form (Imogen Holst 1963) ix,189p. {MuzTh : Hol}

Aberdeen Bach Choir (1956-1985): its origins and history (Alison I Shiel 1985) 69+9p. {Pf-Cho : Shi}

Aberdeen Bach Choir (1956-1996): its origins and history (Alison I Shiel 1996) 93p. {Pf-Cho : Shi}

The Academus book of questions on the rudiments of music: for use by the Royal Scottish Academy of Music (RSAMD 1933) 99p. {MuzTh : RSA}

The Academus rudiments primer: [for use by the Scottish National Academy of Music] (Robert Barrett-Watson et al 1933) 98p. {MuzTh : Bar}

Aldeburgh anthology (Ronald Blythe ed. 1972) 457p. {MusFes : Bly}

Always playing: [reminiscences and ruminations] (Michael Kennedy 1991) 154p. {Pf-Ins-X : Ken}

Am I too loud?: memoirs of an accompanist (Gerald Moore 1962) 304p. {Pf-Ins : Moo}

Analyses of musical classics Bks 1-4 (Annie O Warburton 1963-1974) 4 v.p. {MusAna : War}

The anatomy of music: a complete popular outline of musical theory (Winthrop Parkhurst 1930) 211p. {MuzTh : Par}

Anthology of medieval music (Richard H Hoppin ed. 1978) xiii,173p. {MuzH-Med : Hop}

Approach to music (Lawrence Abbot 1942) 286p. {MusApp : Abb}

Are you beating two or four?: some hints to help you make up your mind (Maurice Miles 1977) 54p. {MuzTe-Cnd : Mil}

Arnold Schoenberg (H. H. Stuckenschmidt 1959) 168p. {Comp-Scho : Stu}

The art of counterpoint (C H Kitson 1924) 344p. {MuzTe-Cou : Kit}

The art of saxophone playing (Larry Teal 1963) 111p. {MuzIns-Sax : Tea}

The artless musician (Sidney Harrison 1964) 119p. {Mus : Har}

Artur Schnabel: a biography (César Saerchinger 1957) xxi,354p. {Pf-Ins : Sae}

Auf den Lebenswegen Johann Sebastian Bachs (Werner Neuman 1953) 319p. {Comp-Bac : Neu}

An autobiography (James Galway 1979) 208p. {Pf-Ins-X : Gal}

Bach (Eva Mary 1947) 239p. {Comp-Bac : Mar}

Bach organ music (Peter Williams 1972) 71p. {MusApp : Wil}

Bach's orchestra (Charles Sanford Terry 1961) xix,250p. {MuzIns- E : Ter}

The background of Passion music: J S Bach and his predecessors (Basil Smallman 1957) 125p. {Comp-Bac : Sma}

The ballad minstrelsy of Scotland: romantic and historical (Anon. 1871) 656p. {Folk-Sco : Ano}

Baroque instrumental music 1: people instruments and the continuo (A304 Course Team Open University 1974) 128p. {MuzH-Bar : Ope}

Baroque instrumental music 2: suite sonata and concerto (A304 Course Team Open University 1974) 157p. {MuzH-Bar : Ope}

Baroque instrumental music [3]: scores (A304 Course Team Open University 1974) 48+31p. {MuzH-Bar : Ope}

The Baroque organ; and Bach organ music (A304 Course Team Open University 1974) 121p. {MuzH-Bar : Ope}

The Baroque organ; and Bach organ music [scores] (A304 Course Team Open University 1974) 22p. {MuzH-Bar : Ope}

Bars rest (John Burness 1975) 32p. {Pf-Orc : Bur}

Bartók (Novello Short Biographies) (Kenneth Dommett 1978) 23p. {Comp-Bar : Dom}

Bartok orchestral music (John McCabe 1974) 64p. {MusApp : McC}

Bartók's workshop: Documents of the compositional process (László Somfai 1995) 44p. {Comp-Bar : Som}

Basic music knowledge (Annie O Warburton 1967) xxii+215p. {MuzTh : War}

Beecham stories: anecdotes sayings and impressions of Sir Thomas Beecham (Harold Atkins comp. 1979) 96p. {Pf-Con : Atk}

Beethoven (A202 Course Team Open University 1934) 340p. {Comp-Bee : Ope}

Beethoven (Marion M Scott 1949) 159p. {Comp-Bee : Sco}

Beethoven: the man revealed (John Suchet 2012) xii,274p. {Comp-Bee : Suc}

Beethoven (J W N Sullivan 1972) 108p. {Comp-Bee : Sul}

Beethoven: the man who freed music (Robert Haven Schauffler 1946) xxvii,693p. {Comp-Bee : Sch}

Beethoven: notes on the sonatas (Frederic Lamond n.d.) 14p. {Comp-Bee : Lam}

Beethoven piano sonatas (Denis Matthews 1967) 56p. {MusApp : Mat}

Beethoven string quartets 2 (Basil Lam 1975) 72p. {MusApp : Lam}

Beethoven's hair: an extraordinary historical odyssey and a musical mystery solved (Russell Martin 2000) 276p. {Comp-Bee : Mar}

Bela Bartók Memorial House: [an illustrated guide] (Márta Strack 2006) 74p. {Comp-Bar : Str}

Benjamin Britten: a biography (Humphrey Carpenter 1993) 680p. {Comp-Bri : Car}

Benjamin Britten: pictures from a life 1913-1976 (Donald Mitchell comp. 1978) viii,16p. {Comp-Bri : Mit}

Benjamin Britten - The Rape of Lucretia [and] Albert Herring (Covent Garden Operas) (Hans Keller 1947) 35p. {Comp-Bri : Kel}

Berlioz (Novello's Biographies of Great Musicians) (Edward Lockspeiser 1945(?)) 16p. {Comp-Ber : Loc}

Beyond frontiers: Ashkenazy (Vladimir Ashkenazy 1984) 239p. {Pf-Ins : Ash}

Bizet (Novello's Biographies of Great Musicians) (Edward Lockspeiser 1951) 16p. {Comp-Biz : Loc}

Bliss (Novello Short Biographies) (Christopher Palmer 1976) 24p. {Comp-Bli : Pal}

Bluff your way in music (Peter Gammond 1966) 63p. {MusHum : Gam}

The book of jazz: a guide to the entire field (Leonard Feather 1957) 280p. {MuzF-Jaz : Fea}

The book of musical anecdotes (Norman Lebrecht 1987) 382p. {MusAnec : Leb}

Brahms (Novello's Biographies of Great Musicians) (Alec Robertson 1941(?)) 16p. {Comp-Bra : Rob}

Brahms (Charles V Stanford n.d.) 28p. {Comp-Bra : Sta}

Brahms piano music (Denis Matthews 1978) 76p. {MusApp : Mat}

Brahms songs (Eric Sams 1972) 68p. {MusApp : Sam}

Brahms: the symphonies (The Musical Pilgrim) (P. A. Browne 1944) 71p. {MusAna : Bro}

Britten's children (John Bridcut 2007) xvii,334p. {Comp-Bri : Bri}

Bruckner symphonies (Philip Barford 1978) 68p. {MusApp : Bar}

The Caledonian Companion: [a collection of Scottish fiddle music and guide to its performance] (Alastair James Hardie 1981) 144p. {Folk-Sco : Har}

Cameos of musical history (Stewart Macpherson 1937) [iv]+209p. {MuzH : Mac}

Carl Nielsen, symphonist (Robert Simpson 1986) 260p. {Comp-Nie : Sim}

Casals and the art of interpretation (David Blum 1980) xiv,222p. {MuzTe-Int : Blu}

A century of ballads 1810-1910: their composers and singers (Harold Simpson 1910) 349p. {Folk-Eng : Sim}

Chamber music (Alexander Hyatt King 1948) 72p. {MuzH : Kin}

Chamber music (Alec Robertson ed. 1957) 427p. {MuzF-Cha : Rob}

Children singing (Cyril Winn 1952) 87p. {MuzTch-Chi : Win}

Choir (Gareth Malone 2012) xii,308p. {Pf-Cho : Mal}

Chopin (J Cuthbert Hadden 1934) 243p. {Comp-Cho : Had}

Chopin (Arthur Hedley 1974) viii,214p. {Comp-Cho : Hed}

Chopin's funeral (Benita Eisler 2003) 230p. {Comp-Cho : Eis}

Choral technique and interpretation (Henry Coward c. 1920) 333p. {MuzTe-Voc : Cow}

The Chorale preludes of J. S. Bach: a handbook (Stainton de B. Taylor 1942) x,126p. {MuzF-Org : Tay}

Clarinet (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides) (Jack Brymer 1979) xii+259p. {MuzIns-Cla : Bry}

A classical music quiz with Richard Baker (Roy Carter comp. 1980) 128p. {MusQuz : Car}

Classics: major and minor: with some other musical ruminations (Eric Blom 1958) xi,212p. {MusAna : Blo}

The clock of the years : a Gerald and Joy Finzi anthology (Rolf Jordan ed. 2007) xx,299p. {Comp-Fin : Jor}

Cobbett's cyclopedic survey of chamber music, 3 vol. (Walter Wilson Cobbett comp. 1963) xiv,585,641;viii,209p. {MusRef : Cob}

Collins music encyclopedia (Jack Allan (Sir) Westrup 1959) 739p. {Mus : Wes}

Common sense in music teaching (William Lovelock 1965) 124p. {MuzTch : Lov}

The common sense of music (Sigmund Spaeth 1925) 375p. {MusApp : Spa}

Commonsense in pianoforte playing (Cuthbert Whitemore 1926) v,47p. {MuzTe-Kyb : Whi}

A companion to Beethoven's pianoforte sonatas: complete analyses (Donald Francis Tovey c.1950) xiv+301p. {Comp-Bee : Tov}

A companion to Beethoven's pianoforte sonatas: bar-to-bar analysis (Donald Francis Tovey 1931) xiv,284p. {MuzF-Son : Tov}

Companion to Congregational praise: with notes on the music by Erik Routley (K. L. Parry ed. 1953) xli,580p. {MuzF-Chu : Par}

A companion to Mozart's piano concertos (Arthur Hutchings 1950) xiv,211p. {Comp-Moz : Hut}

The complete operas of Strauss: a critical guide (Charles Osborne 1995) 252p. {Comp-StrR : Osb}

Compose music (Teach Yourself Books) (King Palmer 2nd ed. 1972) viii,276p. {MuzTe-Cmp : Pal}

Composers' gallery: biographical sketches of contemporary composers (Donald Brook 1946) 218p. {Comp : Bro}

Composers' notes: financial triumphs and disasters of the great composers (John Suchet 2006) 190p. {MusBio : Suc}

Composing with tape recorders: musique concrète for beginners (Terence Dwyer 1971) iv,74p. {MuzF-Mus : Dwy}

The concerto (Ralph Hill ed. 1952) 448p. {MuzF-Con : Hil}

A concise history of music (William Lovelock 1980) 244p. {MuzH : Lov}

The concise Oxford dictionary of music (Michael Kennedy 3rd ed. 1980) [vi]+724p. {MusRef : Ken}

Conducted tour: a journey through twelve music festivals of Europe and Australia (Bernard Levin 1983) 240p. {MusFes : Lev}

Conductor's world (David Wooldridge 1970) xiv,379p. {MuzTe-Cnd : Woo}

Conductors' gallery: biographical sketches ... including notes on leading symphony orchestras ... (Donald Brook 2nd ed. 1946) 188p. {Pf-Con : Bro}

Contemporary music: an introduction (Francis Routh 1968) 292p. {MuzH-Con : Rou}

Contemporary music - case studies 1 (A304 Course Team Open University 1974) 92p. {MuzH-Con : Ope}

Contemporary music - case studies 2 (A304 Course Team Open University 1974) 71p. {MuzH-Con : Ope}

Contrapuntal technique in the sixteenth century (R. O.. Morris 1922) xii,74p. {MuzTe-Cou : Mor}

Couperin (David Tunley 1982) 104p. {MusApp : Tun}

The Covent Garden album: 250 years of theatre opera and ballet (Charles Drogheda (Earl of) 1981) 208p. {MusFes : Dro}

The Cromar collection (Paul Anderson 2003) 86p. {Folk-Sco : And}

Czechoslovak opera: a brief outline (Pavel Eckstein 1964) 115p. {MuzHZ-Cze : Eck}

Daring to excel: the story of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain (Ruth Railton 1992) ix,466p. {Pf-Orc : Rai}

Debussy orchestral music (David Cox 1974) 64p. {MusApp : Cox}

A dictionary of music (Robert Illing 1950) 318p. {Mus : Ill}

Dictionary of music (Theodore Karp 1973) 448p. {MusRef : Kar}

Diplomas in music (T. C. L. Pritchard 1960) xii,112p. {MuzTe : Pri}

A directory of composers for the organ (John Henderson 1999) 789p. {MusRef : Hen}

The dramatic works of Vaughan Williams (The Musical Pilgrim) (Frank Howes 1937) 108p. {MusAna : How}

Dvorák (John Clapham 1979) 238p. {Comp-Dvo : Cla}

Dvorák (Novello's Biographies of Great Musicians) (Mosco Carner 1941) 14p. {Comp-Dvo : Car}

The early music revival: a history (Harry Haskell 1988) 232p. {MuzPf-Ear : Has}

Elementary harmony part 1 (C H Kitson 1920(1978)) vi+108p. {MuzTh-Har : Kit}

Elementary harmony, Parts 1-3 (in 1 vol.) (C H Kitson 1920 (1932-3)) 108,106,94p. {MuzTh-Har : Kit}

The elements of orchestration (Gordon Jacob 1962) 216p. {MuzTe-Cmp : Jac}

Elgar (Simon Mundy 2001) 224p. {Comp-Elg : Mun}

Elgar: (Master musicians series) (Ian Parrott 1971) xi,143p. {Comp-Elg : Par}

Elgar (W H Reed 1939) 227p. {Comp-Elg : Ree}

The English folksinger: 159 modern and traditional folksongs (Sam Richards 1979) 224p. {Folk-Eng : Ric}

English hymns and hymn writers (Adam Fox 1947) 48p. {MuzF-Hym : Fox}

English music (W J Turner 1943) 48p. {Folk-Eng : Tur}

English music (W J Turner 1931) 188p. {Folk-Eng : Tur}

Erich Kleiber: a memoir (John Russell 1957) 256p. {Pf-Con : Rus}

Essays and lectures (H. C. Colles 1945) vii,224p. {MusAna : Col}

Essays in musical analysis vol. 1: symphonies (Donald Francis Tovey 1935) 223p. {MusAna : Tov}

Essays in musical analysis vol. 2: symphonies (II) variations and orchestral polyphony (Donald Francis Tovey 1935) 212p. {MusAna : Tov}

Essays in musical analysis vol. 3: concertos (Donald Francis Tovey 1936) 226p. {MusAna : Tov}

Essays in musical analysis, vol. 5: vocal music (Donald Francis Tovey 1937) 256p. {MusAna : Tov}

Essays on music: an anthology from 'The Listener' (Felix Aprahamian ed. 1967) xi,260p. {MusAna : Apr}

European music in the twentieth century (Howard Hartog ed. 1961) 360p. {MuzH-Twe : Har}

The evolution of the art of music (Charles Hubert H. Parry 1950) x,342p. {MuzH : Par}

The examination fugue (William Lovelock n.d.) 125p. {MuzF-Fug : Lov}

Examination questions with model answers for candidates preparing for all examinations in music (Wilson Manhire c1940) 174p. {MuzTh : Man}

An exhibition of European musical instruments: Galpin Society 21st anniversary exhibition (Graham Melville-Mason 1968) 100p. {MuzIns : Mel}

Facing the music: an autobiography (Joseph Cooper 1979) x,213p. {Pf-Ins : Coo}

Fanfare: fourteen stories on a musical theme [by Carol Shields et al.] (Duncan Minshull ed. 1999) 160p. {Rel-Lit : Min}

Farewell recital: further memoirs (Gerald Moore 1979) 208p. {Pf-Ins : Moo}

The farthest north of humanness: letters of Percy Grainget 1901-14 (Kay Dreyfus ed. 1985) 542p. {Comp-Gra : Dre}

The fiddle music of Scotland: a comprehensive annotated collection of 365 tunes with a historical introduction (James Hunter 1988) [190]p. {Folk-Sco : Hun}

The Finzi journal 2011, 2014 (Rolf Jordan ed. 2011,14) 92,156p. {Comp-Fin : Jor}

First night fever: the memoirs of Herman Prey (Herman Prey 1986) 288p. {Pf-Sin : Pre}

First principles of pianoforte playing (Tobias Matthay 1910) viii+128p. {MuzTe-Kyb : Mat}

First year harmony (complete) (William Lovelock n.d.) 109p. {MuzTh-Har : Lov}

First year harmony: appendix on figured bass (William Lovelock n.d.) 23p. {MuzTh-Har : Lov}

Folk songs of Australia: and the men and women who sang them (John Meredith 1967) 300p. {Folk-Aus : Mer}

Form in music: with special reference to the designs of instrumental music (Stewart Macpherson 1930) xii+279p. {MuzTh-Frm : Mac}

Form in brief (William Lovelock n.d.) 49p. {MuzTh-Frm : Lov}

Formal analysis (William Lovelock n.d.) 16p. {MuzTh-Frm : Lov}

The forty-eight preludes and fugues of Johann Sebastian Bach analysed for the use of students (Frederick Iliffe c.1950) 194p. {Comp-Bac : Ili}

Foundations of pianoforte technique: co-ordination exercises (Ambrose Coviello 1934) 99p. {MuzTe-Kyb : Cov}

Franz Liszt: a romantic biography (Jean Rousselot 1960) 248p. {Comp-Lis : Rou}

From Classical to Romantic keyboard music (A304 Course Team Open University 1974) 185p. {MuzH-Cla : Ope}

Full orchestra (Frank Howes 3rd ed. 1943) 176p. {MusApp : How}

G. B. S. on music (George Bernard Shaw 1962) 189p. {MusApp : Sha}

Get to know music: answers to 1001 questions on every aspect of the art (J Raymond Tobin 1946) 144p. {MuzTh : Tob}

The Gideon Stove tune book, vol. 1 (Magnus J Stove ed. 1986) 77p. {Folk-Sco : Sto}

The Gilbert & Sullivan Book (Leslie Baily 1952) xiv+443p. {Comp-GS : Bai}

The Glenn Gould reader (Glenn Gould 1987) xvi+475p. {Mus : Gou}

Gluck (Novello's Biographies of Great Musicians) (Frank Howes 1941 (?)) 16p. {Comp-Glu : How}

Going to the opera (Lionel Salter 1958) 189p. {MusApp : Sal}

The golden treasury [of songs and lyrical poems in the English language]: with a supplementary fifth book sel. etc. by Laurence Binyon (Francis T Palgrave comp. 1939) 524p. {MuzF-Sng : Pal}

The good musician, Book 3: a pupil's course leading to the understanding and enjoyment of music (James Easson c1935) 46p. {MuzTe : Eas}

Good vibrations: my autobiography (Evelyn Glennie 1990) xii,179p. {Pf-Ins-X : Gle}

The Grainger journal (1978-1984): vol. 3 no. 1, vol. 5 no. 2, vol. 6 no. 1 only (Grainger Society 1980-1984) p. {Comp-Gra : Gra}

The Grainger Society journal (1985- ): vol. 7 no. 1 - vol. 9 no. 2 (Grainger Society 1985-1989) p. {Comp-Gra : Gra}

The Gramophone guide to classical composers and recordings (Lionel Salter 1978) 217p. {Mus : Sal}

Great pianists of our time (Joachim Kaiser 1971) 230p. {Pf-Ins : Kai}

The Gregorian highway code (Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge 1981) 4p. {MuzH-Med : Sch}

Grove's dictionary of music and musicians (10 vol.): 5th ed. (including supplementary volume) (Eric Blom ed. 1954-61) 10 v.: 8438 + 493p. {MusRef : Blo}

The growth of music: a study in musical history for schools Parts 1-3 (in 1) (H. C. Colles 1951) 160,176,194p. {MuzH : Col}

A guide to bowing: Strathspeys, reels, pastoral melodies, hornpipes, etc (J Scott Skinner 1984) 32p. {MuzTe-Str : Ski}

A guide to musical acoustics (Harry Lowery 1956) 94p. {Rel-Sou : Low}

Guide to the pianist's repertoire: supplement (Maurice Hinson 1979) xxxiii,413p. {Pf-Ins : Hin}

Guitar (Dan Morgan 1965) 173p. {MuzTe-StrG : Mor}

Gustav Mahler 1860-1911: a companion to the BBC's celebrations of the centenary of his birth (Deryck Cooke 1960) 47p. {Comp-Mah : Coo}

Handbook for music teachers, Bks 1-2 (Bernarr Rainbow ed. 3rd ed. 1964) 2v.: 230,222p. {MuzTch : Rai}

A handbook of musical knowledge part 1: Rudiments of music (James Murray Brown 3rd ed. 1972) 55p. {MuzTh : Bro}

A handbook of musical knowledge part 2: Basis of harmony and composition (James Murray Brown 3rd ed. 1972) 103p. {MuzTh-Har : Bro}

A handbook on the technique of conducting (Adrian Boult 7th ed. 1949) 47p. {MuzTe-Cnd : Bou}

Handel (Percy M Young 1947) 246p. {Comp-Han : You}

Handel (Novello's Biographies of Great Musicians) (Jack Allan (Sir) Westrup 1941(?)) 22p. {Comp-Han : Wes}

Handel and the Opera Seria (Winton Dean 1969) xi,220p. {Comp-Han : Dea}

Handel: Messiah (Cambridge music handbook) (Donald Burrows 1991) x,127p. {Comp-Han : Bur}

Harmony and counterpoint with the Masters: [musical examples] (Paul Steinitz comp. 1963) 179p. {MuzTe-Har : Ste}

Harmony for students (A Eaglefield Hull c1947) vii,291p. {MuzTh-Har : Hul}

Harmony: a simple and systematic treatise on the harmonization of melodies and basses (Thomas Keighley 1914) 189p. {MuzTh-Har : Kei}

Harmony (Annie O Warburton 1979) vi+322p. {MuzTh-Har : War}

Harmony, counterpoint and improvisation, Book 1 (B. J. Dale 1964) [vi],106p. {MuzTe-Har : Dal}

Haydn: a documentary study (H. C. Robbins Landon 1981) 224p. {Comp-Hay : Lan}

Haydn: his life and music (H. C. Robbins Landon 1988) 383p. {Comp-Hay : Lan}

Haydn string quartets (Rosemary Hughes 1966) 56p. {MusApp : Hug}

Henry Purcell (A. K. Holland 1948) 191p. {Comp-Pur : Hol}

Henry Purcell (Dennis Arundell 1927) 136p. {Comp-Pur : Aru}

Henry Purcell: the English musical tradition (A. K. Holland 1932) 248p. {Comp-Pur : Hol}

The heritage of music, 2nd series: essays by E.H. Fellowes etc (Hubert J. Foss coll./ed. 1946) vi,263p. {Comp : Fos}

The history of music (Cecil Gray 2nd ed. 1931) viii,284p. {MuzH : Gra}

A history of music (William Smoldon 1965) 472p. {MuzH : Smo}

A history of Scottish music (Kenneth Elliott 1973) 84p. {MuzHZ-Sco : Ell}

A history of the pianoforte and pianoforte players (Oscar Bie 1899) 336p. {MuzIns-Pia : Bie}

The Hoffnung music festival: [cartoon sketches] (Gerard Hoffnung 1956) 56p. {MusHum : Hof}

The Hoffnung symphony orchestra: [cartoon sketches] (Gerard Hoffnung 1955) 64p. {MusHum : Hof}

How to acquire ease of voice production: the preservation of the voice (Charles Tree 1911) 61p. {MuzTe-Voc : Tre}

How to be tremendously tuned in to opera (E. O. Parrott comp./ed. 1990) ix,230p. {MusHum : Par}

Hugo Wolf songs (Mosco Carner 1982) 72p. {MusApp : Car}

Hush! Handel's in a passion: tales of Bach, Handel and their contemporaries (Norman Lebrecht comp. 1985) 127p. {Comp : Leb}

I found my horn: one man's struggle with the orchestra's most difficult instrument (Jasper Rees 2008) 294p. {MuzIns-Hor : Ree}

Im Konzersaal karikiert: [100 autographed caricature drawings of well-known performers and conductors] (R. P. Bauer 1961) 88p. {MusHum : Bau}

Infant school singing: a graded course (Hugh Hunter c.1950) 38p. {MuzTch-Sin : Hun}

The instruments of music (Robert Donington 3rd ed., 1970) xxvi,262p. {MuzIns : Don}

Interpretation in song (Harry Plunket Greene 1919) xii,323p. {MuzTe-Int : Gre}

The interpretation of the music of the XVII and XVIII centuries: revealed by contemporary evidence (Arnold Dolmetsch ) x,493p. {MuzTe-Int : Dol}

Introduction to counterpoint (R. O.. Morris 1944) 35p. {MuzTh-Cou : Mor}

Introduction to music (A100 Course Team Open University 1971) 49p. {Mus : Ope}

An introduction to musical history (Jack Allan (Sir) Westrup 1955) 174p. {MuzH : Wes}

The invention and composition of music (Arthur Hutchings 1958) 309p. {MuzTe-Cmp : Hut}

Invertible counterpoint and canon (C H Kitson 1928) 96p. {MuzTh-Cou : Kit}

ISM music journal (Incorporated Society of Musicians): Nov. 1999 onwards (ISM ) p. {MusJnl : ISM}

The ISM: the first hundred years: a short history ... in honour of the Centenary in October 1982 (Edmund Bohan 1982) 80p. {Pf : Boh}

Jazz: 5th ed. (Rex Harris 1957) 272p. {MuzF-Jaz : Har}

Jenufa Katya Kabanova (Leos Janácek): Opera guide, 33 ( 1985) 128p. {MuzF-Op : }

The Joan Sutherland album (Joan Sutherland comp. 1986) 191p. {Pf-Sin : Sut}

Journey towards music: a memoir (Victor Gollancz 1964) 238p. {MusApp : Gol}

Keyboard music (Denis Matthews ed. 1972) 386p. {MuzF-Key : Mat}

Kobbé's complete opera book (Gustave Kobbé 1987) xvii,1404p. {MuzF-Op : Kob}

Kurt Weill: an illustrated life (Jürgen Schebera 1995) xii,381p. {Comp-Wei : Sch}

The language of modern music (Donald Mitchell 1966) 168p. {MuzH-Twe : Mit}

The language of music (Deryck Cooke 1962) xiv,289p. {MuzTh : Coo}

The Larousse encyclopedia of music (Geoffrey Hindley ed. 1971) 576p. {MusRef : Hin}

The last master: vol. 1 of a fictional biography of Ludwig van Beethoven (John Suchet 1996) 622p. {Comp-Bee : Suc}

Leos Janácek: letters and reminiscences (Bohumír Stedron 1955) 234p. {Comp-Jan : Ste}

Let us sing correctly (Kodály choral method) (Zoltán Kodály 1965) 16p. {MuzTch-Sin : Kod}

Letters to a musical boy (Mervyn Bruxner 1940) 175p. {Mus : Bru}

Lexicon of musical inventive: critical assaults on composers since Beethoven's time (Nicolas Slonimsky 2nd ed. 1969) 325p. {MusAna : Slo}

The life of Benvenuto Cellini, written by himself (Benvenuto Cellini 1960) xi,368p. {MusBio : Cel}

The listener's book on harmony (Lawrence Abbot 1943) xvi,237p. {MuzTh-Har : Abb}

The listener's history of music, vol. 1: to Beethoven (Percy A Scholes 6th ed. 1943) xiv,175p. {MusAna : Sch}

The listener's history of music, vol. 1: to Beethoven (Percy A Scholes 7th ed., 1954) xiii,176p. {MuzH : Sch}

The listener's history of music, vol. 2: the Romantic and Nationalist schools of the 19th century (Percy A Scholes 3rd ed. 1943) xii,216p. {MusAna : Sch}

The listener's history of music, vol. 3: to the composers of to-day (Percy A Scholes 4th ed. 1949) xii,169p. {MusAna : Sch}

Liszt (The Master Musicians) (Walter Beckett 1956) ix,185p. {Comp-Lis : Bec}

The lives of the great composers (Harold C Schonberg 1971) 600p. {Comp : Sch}

Lives of the great composers, vol. 1: From Byrd to Mozart and Haydn - the Classics (A L Bacharach ed. 1942) 192p. {Comp : Bac}

Lives of the great composers vol. 2: Beethoven and the Romantics (A L Bacharach ed. 1943) 192p. {Comp : Bac}

Lives of the great composers, vol. 3: Brahms, Wagner and their contemporaries (A L Bacharach ed. 1943) 186p. {Comp : Bac}

Lives, wives and loves of the great composers (Fritz Spiegel 1997) 256p. {Comp : Spi}

The Lochnagar collection : 308 original compositions (Paul Anderson 2009) viii,128p. {Folk-Sco : And}

Lucia di Lammermoor - Gaetano Donizetti: [synopsis and opera guide] (Eduard Mörike 2007) 54p. {MuzF-Op : Mör}

Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827: [exhibition catalogue] (Joseph Schmidt-Görg 1970) 120p. {Comp-Bee : Sch}

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