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Sunday 3rd December 2023

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Abt, Franz Wilhelm (1819-1885) German

Cinderella (Aschenbrödel) Op. 545: for sop. & alto soli & chor. of fem v. (01/001)

Bendall, Wilfred Ellington (1850-1920) English

The lady of Shalott: cantata (fem. v.: 01/015.5)

Hessey, J L (20th c.) English

The fairy match girl: choral scene for ladies' v. (07/013.5)

Hopkins, Antony (1921-2014 English

Early one morning: cantata for mez.-sop. solo, male speaker, fem. chor. & orch. (01/051.5)

Leighton, Kenneth (1929-1988) English

An Easter sequence: for boys' or female v. & organ w. opt. trumpet (02/073)

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847) German

Loreley Op.98: unfinished opera [for sop. & fem. v.] (06/026 a-c : 3 copies)

Orff, Carl (1895-1982) German

Carmina burana: cantiones profanae [for STBar soli & fem. chor.] (01/061-1.2)

Roeckel, Joseph Leopold [=Edouard Dorn] (1838-1923) English

The hours: cantata or operetta for female v. (01/064.5)

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958) English

Folk songs of the four seasons: cantata [women's v.] (01/076-5)

Willcocks, David Valentine (Sir) (1919-2015) English

Carols for choirs, 4: fifty carols for sopranos and altos (OUP : 02/204(4) a-c : 3 copies)