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Tuesday 21st May 2024

Abel, Carl Friedrich (1723-1787) German

Symphony Eb
A013001 : Unident.

Ackermans, Hippolyte (1886-1965) Belgian

Au pays natal: gavotte
A076001 : MADO

Extase poétique: solo pour violoncelle Op. 181
A076002 : MADO

Addinsell, Richard (1904-1977) English

Warsaw concerto (theme)
A115001 : Keith, Prowse

Adams, George Archibald Emmett (1889-1938) English

The bells of St Mary's: part-song for mixed vv. [Adams-Jaxon]
A121001 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

Aletter, Wilhelm (1867-1934) German-American

Rendez-vous: intermezzo rococco
A317001 : Bosworth

Alford, Kenneth J (1881-1945) English

Colonel Bogey: march
A319001 : Hawkes & Son

The voice of the guns: march
A319002 : Hawkes & Son

Albert, Eugen (Eugene Francis Charles) d' (1864-1932) Scottish-German

A325001 : Unident.

Alfvén, Hugo (1872-1960) Swedish

Swedish rhapsody: midsummer vigil
A327001 : Unident.

Amers, Henry Gallon (d.1944) Scottish

The Wee Macgreegor: Highland patrol
A526001 : Hawkes & Son

Ancliffe, Charles (1880-1952) Irish

April buds
A563001 : Unident.

The dream princess: valse [Ancliffe-Lotter]
A563002 : Hawkes & Son

Twilight time: vocal waltz
A563003 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

Ansell, John (1874-1948) English

Dances miniatures de ballet
A565001 : Unident.

Auber, Daniel François (1782-1871) French

The Crown Diamonds overture
A901001 : Unident.

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) German

Brandenburg concerto no. 3
B003001 : Boosey & Hawkes

Suite no. 2 in B minor
B003002 : Unident.

Suite in D
B003003 : Unident.

Sheep may safely graze
B003004-a : Unident.

Happy flock {from Cantata 208}: [aka Sheep may safely graze] [Bach-Diack]
B003004-b : Paterson

Jesu, joy of man's desiring: arr. for oboe and piano [Bach-Lawton]
B003005 : OUP

Ave Maria: meditation
B003006 : Unident.

B003007 : Unident.

Bayer, Josef (1852-1913) Austrian

Die Puppensee
B015001 : Cranz

Baynes, Sydney (1879-1938) English

Destiny: valse lente
B016001 : Swan

Bath, Hubert (1883-1945) English

Admirals all: a nautical march
B019001 : Hawkes & Son

Cornish rhapsody (theme)
B019002 : Keith, Prowse

Bassi-Rathgeb, G

B022001 : Hawkes & Son

Barroso, Ary (1903-1964) Brazilian

B044001-a : Unident.

French, George

Highly strung
B044001-b : Keith, Prowse

Becce, Giuseppe (1877-1973) Italian

An Autumn serenade
B216001 : Unident.

Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827) German

Minuet in G
B217001 : Unident.

Romance in G
B217002 : Unident.

Romance in F
B217003 : Unident.

B217004 : Unident.

2nd movement from 1st Symphony [Beethoven-Carse]
B217005 : Augener

2nd movement from 2nd Symphony
B217006 : Unident.

1st Symphony
B217007-a : Breitkopf & Härtel

Symphonie 1 Op. 21
B217007-b : Henry Litolff

2nd Symphony
B217008 : Unident.

The men of Prometheus
B217009 : Unident.

5th Symphony
B217010 : Unident.

6th Symphony
B217011 : Unident.

3rd Symphony
B217012 : Unident.

4th Symphony
B217013 : Unident.

Behr, Franz (1837-1898) German

12 Hungarian dances
B218001 : Unident.

Benatzky, Ralph (1884-1957) Czech

White Horse Inn: selection [Benatzky-Stolz]
B220001 : Unident.

Berlin, Irving (1888-1989) Russian-American

Waltzes: [medley - arr. for p. quintet]
B225001-a : Unident.

Popular waltzes: medley [Berlin-Dee]
B225001-b : Francis, Day & Hunter

Russian lullaby
B225001-c : Francis, Day & Hunter

You forgot to remember: waltz song
B225001-d [1] : Francis, Day & Hunter

Rose, Fred (1897/8-1954) American

Honest and truly: song waltz
B225001-d [2] : Francis, Day & Hunter

Berlin, Irving (1888-1989) Russian-American

Change partners {from Carefree}: foxtrot
B225002 [1] : Unident.

Change partners {from Carefree}: arranged as a waltz
B225002 [2] : Unident.

Easter parade
B225003 : Unident.

White Xmas
B225004 : Unident.

The girl that I marry
B225005 : Unident.

Bernheimer, Gaston(e) (1880-1939) Italian

B229001 : Unident.

Becucci, Ernesto (1845-1905) Italian

Tesoro mio… !: waltz
B244001 : Unident.

Berriman, Win

B249001 : Unident.

Beadell, Eily English

Cruising down the river [Beadell/Tollerton]
B252001 : Cinephonic

Bidgood, Thomas (1858-1925) English

Vimy Ridge: march
B451001 : Hawkes & Son

Tavan, Émile Hypolite Joseph (1849-1929) French

Grande (2e) fantaisie sur 'Carmen' (opéra de G. Bizet) [Bizet-Tavan]
B452001-a : Margueritat

Fantaisie sur 'Carmen' (opéra de G. Bizet) [Bizet-Tavan]
B452001-b : Choudens

Bizet, Georges (1838-1875) French

L'Arlésienne suite no. 1
B452002 : Anton Benjamin

Prélude {from L'Arlésienne}
B452002 [1] : Unident.

Adagietto {from L'Arlésienne}
B452002 [3] : Unident.

Carillon {from L'Arlésienne}
B452002 [4] : Unident.

L'Arlésienne suite no. 2
B452003 : Anton Benjamin

Adagietto {from L'Arlésienne}
B452004 : Unident.

Agnus Dei {from L'Arlésienne}
B452005-a : Unident.

Agnus Dei (Golden Light) {from L'Arlésienne}: piano, violin and cello [Bizet-Gibson]
B452005-b : Metzler

March from Carmen
B452006 : Unident.

Biene, Auguste van (1849-1913) Dutch

The broken melody
B453001 : Unident.

Binge, Ronald (1910-1979) English

Elizabethan serenade
B455001 : Unident.

The watermill
B455002-a : Unident.

The watermill: oboe solo with p. accomp.
B455002-b : Inter-Art

Blake, Howard D (b. 1938) English

Walking in the air {from The Snowman}
B501001 : Unident.

Blon, Franz von (1861-1945) German

B510001 : Unident.

Boccherini, Luigi (1743-1805) Italian

B586001 : Unident.

Boieldieu, François-Adrien (1775-1834) French

Caliph of Baghdad overture
B588001 : Unident.

Bombic, G T

Two old French dances
B590001 : Hawkes & Son

Borel-Clerc, Charles (1879-1959) French

La maxixe
B592001 : Unident.

Borganoff, Igor

Gipsy moon: waltz
B594001 : Unident.

Boggetti, E

Serenata pizzicato
B622001 : Unident.

Braga, Gaetano (1829-1907) Italian

La Serenata
B761001-a : Unident.

La Serenata: violin solo with p. accomp. [Braga-Reeves]
B761001-b : Walsh, Holmes

Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German

3 Hungarian dances [Brahms-Schmid]
B762001 : Hawkes & Son

Waltz in A
B762002 : Unident.

Brewer, Mark Anthony English

The deep blue sea: polka [Brewer-Roe]
B765001 : Unident.

Brusso, Giovanni Italian

B770001 : Unident.

Bruhns, Arthur (1874-1928) German

Fairy toys
B772001 : Unident.

Bratton, John Walter (1867-1947) American

The teddy bears' picnic: characteristic novelty [Bratton-Saddler]
B775001 : Witmark & Sons

Brahe, Mary Hannah ('May') (1884-1956) Australian

Bless this house
B780001-a : Unident.

Becce, Giuseppe (1877-1973) Italian

Intermezzo tragico [part]
B780001-b : Unident.

Brown, Nacio Herb (1896-1964) American

Singin' in the rain
B781001 : Unident.

Bucalossi, Ernest (1859-1933) Anglo-Italian

A kiss for Cinderella: incidental music
B876001 : Hawkes & Son

Busby, Thomas R (d.1933) English

La bellazza dell ballo
B883001 : Unident.

Byng, George Wilford Buckley (1861-1932) English

A day in Naples: Italian divertisement
B987001-a : Hawkes & Son

Becce, Giuseppe (1877-1973) Italian

Intermezzo tragico [part]
B987001-b : Unident.

Carne, Gerald (19th-20th c.) English

Sweetest flower of all
C004001 : Unident.

Carver, P Beachfield English

The penguins' picnic
C005001 : Unident.

Caryll, Ivan (1861-1921) Belgian

Our Miss Gibbs: Lancers [Caryll-Monckton]
C010001 : Unident.

Capua, Eduardo di (1869-1917) Italian

O sole mio
C020001 : Unident.

Carmichael, Hoagland Howard ('Hoagy') (1899-1981) American

Star dust
C033001 : Unident.

Cerri, Luigi Italian

Spasimi d'amore
C181001 : Unident.

Cherubini, Luigi (1760-1842) Italian

Ave Maria
C226001 : Unident.

Chopin, Frédéric (1810-1849) Polish

Polonaise in A
C227001 : Unident.

C227002 : Unident.

Nocturne Op. 9 no. 2
C227003 : Unident.

Nocturne Op. 15 no. 1
C227004 : Unident.

Nocturne Op. 15 no. 3
C227005 : Unident.

Nocturne Op. 27 no. 1
C227006 : Unident.

Prelude Op. 28 no. 1
C227007 : Unident.

Prelude Op. 28 no. 13
C227008 : Unident.

Prelude Op. 28 no. 21
C227009 : Unident.

Prelude Op. 28 no. 15
C227010 : Unident.

Clarke, Cuthbert (1869-1953) English

Fragrance: valse
C391001 : Lawrence Wright

Clarke, Jeremiah (c1670-1707) English

Trumpet voluntary
C397001-a : Unident.

Purcell, Henry (c1659-1695) English

Trumpet voluntary: [by Jeremiah Clarke]
C397001-b : Edwin Ashdown

Coates, Eric (1886-1957) English

Joyous youth
C501001 : Unident.

By the sleepy lagoon
C501002 : Unident.

In town tonight (Knightsbridge march)
C501003 : Chappell

Knightsbridge march (In town tonight)
C501003/ : Unident.

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel (1875-1912) English

Petite suite de concert
C502001 : Hawkes & Son


Prélude fantaisiste
C503001 : Unident.

Corelli, Arcangelo (1653-1713) Italian

Concerto grosso [Corelli-Barbirolli]
C506001 : OUP

Christmas concerto: Concerto grosso no. 8
C506002 : OUP

Coward, Noël (Sir) (1899-1973) English

Bitter Sweet: selection [Coward-Jones]
C510001-a : Chappell

Bitter Sweet: pianoforte selection [Coward-Higgs]
C510001-b : Chappell

I'll see you again
C510002 : Unident.

Corri, Clarence Collingwood English

In sweet Devonia: a rustic gambol
C512001 : Hawkes & Son

Cottrau, Teodoro (1827-1879) Italian

Santa Lucia: [traditional Neapolitan song]
C527001 : Unident.

Corbin, Albert (d.1893) French

Santiago: Spanish valse [Corbin-Winte]
C528001 : Boosey & Hawkes

Crepaldi, Roberto Italian

Tramonto d'amore: romanza
C762001 : Ricordi

Curzon, Frederic (1899-1973) English

The Boulevardier
C852001 : Unident.

Cussans, Oliver

Les Sylphides
C853001 : Unident.

Cuvillier, Charles (1877-1955) French

The Lilac Domino [selection]
C854001 : Feldman

Curtis, Ernesto de (1875-1937) Italian

Come back to Sorrento
C857001 : Bideri

Davies, Henry Walford (1869-1941) English

Solemn melody
D009001 : Novello

Delibes, Léo (1836-1891) French

Pizzicato {from Sylvia} [Delibes-Winter]
D229001 : Boosey & Hawkes

Valse très lente {from Sylvia}
D229002 : Unident.

La Source [Delibes-Woodhouse]
D229003 : Lafleur & Son

Scène d'amour {from La Source}
D229004 : Unident.

Coppélia: ballet music
D229005 : Unident.

Deshayes, Eugène French

Patrouille espagnole
D232001 : Anton Benjamin

Denza, Luigi (1846-1922) Italian

Funiculi funicula [Denza-Sumner]
D233001 : Ricordi

Deutsch, Emery

Play, fiddle, play [Altman/Deutsch]
D236001 : Unident.

Desormes, I C (1841-1898) French

Serenade de mandolines
D238001 : Unident.

Denver, John

Annie's song
D241001 : Unident.

Dorlay, Georges

Quand je pense à toi: reverie [Dorlay-Lotter]
D595001 : Hawkes & Son

Drdla, František Alois (Franz) (1868-1944) Czech

Madrigal Op. 25: arr. for 2 violins, viola & cello w. p.accomp.
D731001 : Bosworth

Wiegenlied Op. 33: arr. for 2 violins, viola & cello w. p.accomp.
D731002 : Bosworth

Drigo, Riccardo (1846-1930) Italian

Serenade {from Les Millions d'Arlequin}
D732001 : Hawkes & Son

Drescher, Carl Wilhelm (1850-1925) Austrian

Wiener Volksmelodien Op. 104: potpourri
D736001 : Bosworth

Dulaurens, André (1873-1932) French

D777001 : Unident.

Dunhill, Thomas Frederick (1877-1946) English

Dances in miniature Op. 80
D782001 : Boosey & Hawkes

Dvorák, Antonín (1841-1904) Czech

[5] Menuetts Op. 28
D911001 : Bote & Bock

Slavonic dances - 2nd selection: arr. for orchestra [Dvorák-Hanmer]
D911002 : Weinberger

Largo {from Goin' Home}
D911003 : Unident.

Sonatina symfonicka Op.100 [Dvorák-Arnell/Rokos]
D911004 : Bosworth

East, J Hamlton

E001001 : Unident.

Eilenberg, Richard (1848-1927) German

Coronation march Op. 34
E202001 : Hawkes & Son

Elgar, Edward (Sir) (1857-1934) English

Lullaby (In Hammersbach) Op. 27 no. 3
E341001 : Joseph Williams

Salut d'amour Op. 12
E341002 : Schott

Theme from Pomp and Circumstance: march [Elgar-Woodhouse]
E341003 : Boosey & Hawkes

My love dwelt in a Northern land
E341004 : Unident.

Imperial march
E341005 : Unident.

As torrents in summer {from King Olaf}: four-part song (SATB)
E341006 : Unident.

Mot d'amour Op. 13 No. 1
E341007 [in K321001-a] : Unident.

Mot d'amour Op. 13 No. 1
E341007 [in K321001-b] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

E341008 : Unident.

Ellerton, Gustav (fl.1900-1912)

E351001 : Unident.

Engelmann, Hans (1872-1914) German-American

Mélodie d'amour
E502001 : Unident.

Ernst, Heinrich Wilhelm (1814-1865) Czech

E702001 : Unident.

Ess, George

Tap at the window
E801001 : Unident.

Ewing, Montague (1890-1957) English

Mimosa (Silhouettes no. 3)
E841001 : Unident.

Fauchey, Paul (1858-1936) French

Canto espressivo
F004001 : Unident.

Farnon, Robert Joseph (1917-2005) Canadian

The Westminster waltz
F007001 : Unident.

Ferraris, Adalgiso (1890-1968) Anglo-Italian

Echoes from the Puszta
F177001 : Unident.

Black eyes: Russian impression
F177002 : Liber

Souvenir d'Ukraine
F177003 : Unident.

The Russian pedlar
F177004 : Unident.

Fetrás, Oscar (1854-1931) German

Moonlight on the Alster
F178001 : Anton Benjamin

Fibich, Zdeněk (Zdenko) (1850-1900) Czech

Poëm: vocal valse [Fibich-Geehl]
F271001-a : Keith, Prowse

Poëm: valse [Fibich-Summers]
F271001-b : Keith, Prowse

Poëm: valse
F271001-c : Unident.

Poëm: arr. for violin with piano accomp. [Fibich-Kubelik]
F271001-d : Urbánek

Finck, Herman (1872-1939) German-British

F273001 : Unident.

Mystic beauty
F273002 : Unident.

In the shadows: dance
F273003 : Hawkes & Son

Fletcher, Percy Eastman  (1879-1932) English

Woodland pictures
F441001 : Unident.

Bal masqué {Parisian Sketches, no. 2}: valse-caprice
F441002-a : Hawkes & Son

Bal masqué: valse
F441002-b : Hawkes & Son

Foster, Stephen Collins (1826-1864) American

Foster memories
F532001 : Unident.

Foulds, Jack

Gladness: intermezzo for piano & orchestra
F534001 : Wharfedale

Franck, César (1822-1890) Belgian

Pièce V: [for piano & oboe]
F641001 : Unident.

Freeman, Roderick (1879-1972) Czech-American

High Jinks (selection) [Freeman-Talbot]
F648001 : Unident.

Friml, Rudolf (1879-1972) Czech-American

Russian dance
F651001 : Unident.

Sympathy {from Fire Fly}
F651002 : Unident.

Song of the vagabonds
F651003 : Henry Waterson

Rose Marie (selection) [Friml/Stothart-Higgs]
F652001 : Chappell

Stothart, Herbert (1885-1949) American

Rose Marie (selection): ** see Rudolf Friml ** [Friml/Stothart-Higgs]
F652001= : Chappell

Gauwin, Adolphe (d.1934) French

Viens, Poupule!: polka, avec trio
G011001 : Margueritat

Gade, Niels W (1817-1890) Danish

G016001 : Unident.

German, Edward (Sir) (1862-1936) English

Bourrée and Gigue
G162001 : Unident.

Three dances [from Nell Gwyn}
G162002 : Unident.

Three dances [from Henry VIII}
G162003 : Novello

Shepherds' dance [from Henry VIII}
G162003 [2] : Unident.

Three dances [from Tom Jones}
G162004 : Unident.

Romance and 2 dances {from The Conqueror}
G162005 : Unident.

Glinka, Mikhail (1804-1857) Russian

Souvenir d'une nuit d'été à Madrid [overture]
G332001 : Unident.

Godard, Benjamin Louis Paul (1849-1895) French

Serenade {from Six Duets for Two Violins and Piano) [Godard-Cazabon]
G441001 : Fred Benson

Gounod, Charles-François (1818-1893) French

Hymne à Saint Cécile
G446001 : Unident.

Judex {from Mors et Vita} [Gounod-Tours]
G446002-a : Novello

Judex {from Mors et Vita} [Gounod-Tours]
G446002-b : Novello

Judex {from Mors et Vita} [Gounod-Tours]
G446002-c : Novello

Mirella (overture): Mirella Overture
G446003 : Lafleur & Son

Allegretto {from 'Mirella' overture}
G446003 [2] : Boosey & Hawkes

Gold, Ernest (1921-1999) Austrian-American

Exodus (theme)
G458001 : Chappell

Gregh, Louis (1843-1915) French

Nuits algériennes
G633001 : Unident.

Grieg, Edvard (1843-1907) Norwegian

Huldigungsmarsch (Homage march) {from Sigurd Jorsalfar} Op. 56 no. 3
G636001 : Peters

G636002 : Unident.

Norwegian dances (1-4)
G636003 : Unident.

Grunewald, Gottfried (1673-1739) German

G637001 : Unident.

Grünfeld, Alfred (1852-1924) Austrian

G638001 : Unident.

G638002 : Unident.

Grovlez, Gabriel Marie (1879-1944) French

Petites litanies de Jésus {from L'Almanach aux Images}
G640001 : Unident.

Gung'l, Joseph (1810-1889) Hungarian

Casino dances: valse
G821001-a : Boosey & Hawkes

Casino Tänze: waltz [Gung'l-Nussbaum]
G821001-b : Keith, Prowse

Erinnerung an Peterhof: set of valses
G821002 : Lafleur & Son

Haden, Arthur Charles (1852-1910) English

Alla danza: trio for violin, violincello & pianoforte
H002001 : Donajowski

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Gavotte in B flat [Handel-Le Thière]
H008001 : Paxton

Largo: [for solo violin, piano (or harp) & harmonium, with 2nd volin or viola ad. lib.
H008002-a : Schreiber-Cranz

Largo: for solo violin & piano
H008002-b [1] : Murdoch, Murdoch

Schumann, Robert (1810-1856) German

The merry peasant: for solo violin & piano
H008002-b [2] : Murdoch, Murdoch

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Largo: for small orchestra [Handel-Crawley]
H008002-c : Hawkes & Son

Largo: for piano 4 hands
H008002-d : Unident.

Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Austrian

H008002-e : Unident.

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Menuet {from Berenice}: Menuet Berenice [Handel-Reeves]
H008003 : Walsh, Holmes

Pastorale {from The Messiah}
H008004 : Unident.

Suite from the music for the Royal Fireworks: Suite from the music for the Royal Fireworks [Handel-Harty]
H008005-a : Chappell

Harty, (Sir Herbert) Hamilton (1879-1941) Irish

[Handel's] Suite from the music for the Royal Fireworks, arranged for orchestra [Harty-Blom]
H008005-b : Chappell

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Overture, Musette and Menuet {from Alcina}
H008006 : Unident.

Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809) German-Austrian

Trio no. 3: violin, cello, piano
H016001 : Unident.

3 Symphonies: Three Symphonies
H016002 : Unident.

The Heavens are telling {from The Creation}: Heavens are telling
H016003 : Unident.

Minuet in Eb [Haydn-Burmester]
H016004 : Schott's Söhne

Serenade {from Quartet no. 17}
H016005 : Litolff

Adagio {from Second Symphony [ie 104, 'London']
H016006 [1] : Unident.

Allegro {from Symphony no. 2 [ie 104, 'London']
H016006 [2] : Unident.

Symphony no. 104 (2) 'London': Symphony 104 [Haydn-Winter]
H016006-a : Boosey & Hawkes

Symphony no. 2 [ie 104, 'London']
H016006-b : Lafleur & Son

Symphonie D dur Nr 104 (Londoner No. 7)
H016006-c : Breitkopf & Härtel

Zweite Symphonie [ie No. 104 'London']
H016006-d : Breitkopf & Härtel

Sinfonie no. 2 [ie 104, 'London'] [Haydn-Daeblitz]
H016006-e : Drei Masken

Sinfonia no. 7 [ie 104, 'London'] [Haydn-Daeblitz]
H016006-f : Birchall

Haydn suite: suite
H016007 : Unident.

Menuet from the 'Oxford' symphony [Haydn-Carse]
H016008 : Augener

'Farewell' symphony (no. 45)
H016009 : Unident.

Harris, Charles Kassel (1867-1930) American

After the ball
H043001 : Unident.

Heller, Stephen (1813-1888) Hungarian

H327001 : Unident.

Heykens, Jonny (1884-1945) Dutch

Ständchen (1st & 2nd Serenades): ** see separate entries for 1 and 2 **
H335001 : Unident.

Ständchen (Serenade) Op. 21: Standchen 1
H335001 [1] : Anton Benjamin

Second Serenade (Zweites Ständchen) [Heykens-Stoddon]
H335001 [2] : Heinrichshofen

Fairy tale
H335002 : Unident.

Fairy tale: [Music Lovers' Album pt 3 no.8]
H335002 [in L236001-b] : Amalgamated Press

Herman, Alphonse (1836-1905) French

Overture {from Le Diad
H339001 : Unident.

Higgin, Clifford (1873-1951) Canadian

Day dreams: intermezzo [Higgin-Read]
H506001 : Beal, Stuttard

The butterflies' ball
H506002 : Unident.

Holzmann, Abe (1874-1939) American

Blaze-away!: [march-two step]
H600001-a : Unident.

Blaze-away!: march-two step
H600001-b : Feldman

Holbrooke, Josef (Joseph Charles) (1878-1958) English

Souvenir de printemps Op. 23 no. 6: {from Six pieces for violin or cello and piano} [Holbrooke-Higgs]
H605001 : Novello

Humperdinck, Engelbert (1854-1921) German

The Miracle
H806001 : Unident.

Evening prayer {from Hansel and Gretel}
H806002 : Unident.

Ivanovici, Iosif (c1845-1902) Romanian

Waves of the Danube (Donau Wellen): valse [Ivanovici-Winter]
I751001 : Boosey & Hawkes

Donau Wellen: ** see Waves of the Danube **
I751001= : Unident.

Jacob, Gordon (1895-1984) English

Denbigh suite: for str. orch. (or str. quartet)
J006001 : OUP

Jarre, Maurice (1924-2009) French

Lara's theme {from Dr Zhivago}
J007001 : Unident.

Jensen, Gustav (1843-1895) German

Murmuring breezes
J171001 : Unident.

Jessel, Léon (1871-1942) German

Gavotte à la Pompadour Op. 230
J173001 : Heinrichshofen

J173002 : Unident.

The parade of the tin soldiers Op. 123: fox trot or march
J173003 : Enoch & Sons

Jefferson, William Arthur (1854-1929) English

The Empress Queen march
J176001 : Unident.

Joyce, Archibald (1873-1963) English

Ball room memories: tales of Joyce
J485001 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

Joplin, Scott (1868-1917) American

The Entertainer
J491001 : Unident.

Jones, Roger (1948- English

All people that on Earth … {from Saints Alive}
J496001 : Unident.

Kálmán, Imre [Emmerich] (1882-1953) Hungarian

A little Dutch girl
K001001 : Unident.

Karas, Anton (1906-1985) Austrian

The Harry Lime theme {from The Third Man}
K002001 : Chappell

Katscher, Robert (1894-1942) Austrian-American

When day is done
K003001 : Unident.

Kaps, Karl (fl. 1890-1920) Anglo-German

Eton boating song: waltz
K010001 : Francis, Day & Hunter

Kéler, Béla (1820-1882) Hungarian

Tempelweihe Op. 95: Fest-ouverture [Kéler-Weninger]
K117001 : Anton Benjamin

Ungarische Lustspiel: overture
K117002 : Unident.

Französische Lustspiel: overture
K117003 : Unident.

Kennedy, Amanda (fl. 1867?-1930s) Irish-American

Star of the sea: reverie for piano, violin & cello ad lib.
K118001 : Wharfedale

Kern, Jerome David (1885-1945) American

Show Boat: selection
K120001-a : Chappell

Ol' Man River {from Show Boat}
K120001-b : Unident.

Look for the silver lining {from Sally}
K120001-c : Unident.

Ol' Man River {from Show Boat}
K120002 : Unident.

Jerome Kern melodies
K120003 : Unident.

Ketèlbey, Albert William (1875-1959) English

A desert romance: descriptive sketch [scored for orchestra]
K121001 : Hammond

In a monastery garden
K121002 : Unident.

In a Persian market: [scored for string sextet: 3vn, va, 2vc]
K121003-a : Bosworth

In a Persian market: intermezzo-scene
K121003-b : Bosworth

Sanctuary of the heart: [scored for cello quintet]
K121004-a : Unident.

Sanctuary of the heart: meditation religieuse
K121004-b : Bosworth

Sunset glow: tone picture [scored for orchestra]
K121005 : Hammond

The clock and Dresden figures
K121006 : Unident.

Wildhawk: descriptive Indian romance
K121007 : Hammond

Wedgwood blue
K121008 : Unident.

Khachaturian, Aram (1903-1978) Armenian

The Onedin Line theme
K268001 : Unident.

King, Reginald (1904-1991) English

K321001-a : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Six famous pieces for violin and piano
K321001-b : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

Biene, Auguste van (1849-1913) Dutch

The broken melody
K321001-b [2] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

King, Reginald (1904-1991) English

Daybreak: intermezzo
K321001-b [3] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

Leoncavallo, Ruggiero (1858-1919) Italian

Intermezzo {from Pagliacci}
K321001-b [6] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

Komzak, Karl (1850-1902) Czech

Mein Baden
K462001 : Unident.

Kreisler, Fritz (1875-1962) Austrian-American

Rondino in C
K610001 : Unident.

Rondino in Eb
K610002 : Unident.

K610003 : Unident.

K610004 : Unident.

Caprice Viennois Op. 2: [for violin & piano]
K610005 : Schott's Söhne

Kreisler themes
K610006 : Unident.

Kronberger, Heini

Frog king's parade (Froschkönigs Fackelzug): Characterstück [Kronberger / Marriott]
K612001 : Bosworth

Marriott, Mary

see Kronberger, Heini
K612001= : Unident.

Küchler, Ferdinand (1867-1937) German

Concertino Op. 12: [scored for str. orch.]
K837001 : Bosworth

Lablache, Ferdinand

L001001 : Unident.

Lanini, Eugene

Au crépuscule
L015001 : Unident.

Lawson, Malcolm Leonard (1847-1918) Scottish

Skye boat song
L027001-a : Unident.

French, George

Highly strung
L027001-b : Keith, Prowse

Lauder, Harry (1870-1950) Scottish

The end of the road [Dillon / Lauder]
L055001 : Unident.

Lehár, Ferencz (Franz) (1870-1948) Hungarian

The Merry Widow: selection
L234001-a : Chappell

The Merry Widow: piano selection [Lehár-Higgs]
L234001-b : Chappell

Gypsy Love (Zigeunerliebe): [waltzes]
L234002 : Chappell

Gypsy Love: selection
L234003-a : Unident.

Gypsy Love: piano selection [Lehár-Higgs]
L234003-b : Chappell

Viennese Memories: selection (part 1)
L234004 : Unident.

Gold and silver waltz
L234005 : Unident.

Gold and silver: valse
L234005+ : Hawkes & Son

Lemare, Edwin Henry (1865-1934) English-American

Andantino: [1st set, scored in C major for string and wind ensemble]
L236001-1 : Unident.

Andantino: [2nd set, scored in D major for small orch.] [Lemare-Holst]
L236001-2 : Novello

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Music Lovers' Album pt 3
L236001-3 : Amalgamated Press

Lemare, Edwin Henry (1865-1934) English-American

Andantino: [Music Lovers' Album pt 3 no.3]
L236001-3 [3] : Amalgamated Press

Leoncavallo, Ruggiero (1858-1919) Italian

Intermezzo {from Pagliacci}
L239001 : Unident.

Leutner, Albert (1815-1871) Dutch

Fest-Ouverture (Festival overture) Op. 42 [Leutner-Weninger]
L242001 : Anton Benjamin

Lindsay-Theimer, John (1884-1952) Austrian-German

L427001 : Unident.

Liszt, Franz (1811-1886) Hungarian

L428001 : Unident.

Liddle, Samuel (1867-1951) English

Abide with me
L433001 : Unident.

Lincke, Paul (1866-1946) German

Nimm mich mit! (Take me too): polka
L438001 : Hawkes & Son

Lloyd Webber, Andrew (1948- English

Pie Jesu {from Requiem}
L548001 : Unident.

The Phantom of the Opera
L548002 : Really Useful Group

All I ask of you {from The Phantom of the Opera}
L548003 : Really Useful Group

Lortzing, Gustav Albert (1801-1851) German

Undine: [overture]
L579001 : Unident.

Lotter, Adolf (1871-1942) Czech

Angels of peace: meditation
L580001 : Hawkes & Son

The ragtime bassplayer: characteristic novelty
L580002 : Boosey & Hawkes

Idylle slovaque
L580003-a : Hawkes & Son

Idylle slovaque
L580003-b : Hawkes & Son

Angelus (Evening bells): valse caractéristique
L580004 : Hawkes & Son

Loewe, Frederick (1901-1988) Austrian-American

My Fair Lady: selection
L584001 : Chappell

Luigini, Alexandre (1850-1906) French

Ballet égyptien Op. 12 [Nos. 1-4]
L752001-a : Léon Grus

Suite from the Ballet Egyptien Part 1 (Nos. 1-4)
L752001-b : Hawkes & Son

Ballet égyptien Suite 1[No. 1 only]
L752001-c.[1] : Unident.

Ballet égyptien Suite 1[No. 2 only]
L752001-c.[2] : Unident.

Lumbye, Hans Christian (1810-1874) Danish

Ma vie
L754001 : Unident.

Mancinelli, Luigi (1848-1921) Italian

Triumphal march {from Cleopatra}
M009001 : Hawkes & Son

Maquet, H French

Scènes humoristiques
M010001 : Unident.

Marchetti, Filippo D (1881-1902) Italian

Coeur affolé
M013001 : Marchetti

Fascination: [song]
M013002 : Liber

Marschner, Heinrich August (1795-1861) German

Hans Heiling: overture
M015001 : Unident.

Mascagni, Pietro (1863-1945) Italian

Intermezzo {from Cavalleria Rusticana}: [arr. for str. septet]
M022001 [in K321001-a] : Unident.

Intermezzo {from Cavalleria Rusticana}
M022001 [in K321001-b] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

Matt, Albert Edward (1864-1941) English

M024001 : Unident.

De Maurizi

Mihaly: czardas
M028001 : Liber

Martin, (Frederick John) Easthope (1882-1925) English

M048001 : Weekes

Mancini, Henry (1924-1994) American

Moon River
M049001 : Unident.

Martini, Jean-Paul-Égide (Il Tedesco) (1741-1816) German-French

Plaisir d'amour
M055001 : Unident.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847) German

Lied ohne Worte Op. 19 no. 3
M353001 : Unident.

La harpe du poète
M353002 : Deiss et Crépin

Notturno {aus Ein Sommernachtstraum}
M353003 : Richard Birnbach

Spring song
M353004 : Banks

I waited for the Lord
M353005-a : Unident.

I waited for the Lord: duo for violin & piano
M353005-b : Unident.

I waited for the Lord: two-part song
M353005-c : Novello

Octet Op. 20
M353006 : Unident.

Son and stranger [overture]
M353007 : Unident.

Melusine: overture
M353008 : Unident.

Trios Op. 49 D minor, Op. 66 C minor
M353009 : Peters

Meny, Philippe Raymond (1875-1944) Anglo-Belgian

The Hungarian glide
M354001 : Unident.

Messager, André (1853-1929) French

Les Deux Pigeons pt. 1
M355001 : Hawkes & Son

Les Deux Pigeons pt. 2
M355002 : Hawkes & Son

Meyerbeer, Giacomo (1791-1864) German

Grand march {from Le Prophète}
M357001 : Unident.

Meade, Marjory Burdett (b.1894) English

Desert dream
M360001 : Unident.

Meacham, Frank White (1856-1909) American

American patrol
M364001 : Unident.

Michael, Friedrich

Süsses Erwarten [Sweet anticipation]: Salonstück [Michael-Blüthgen]
M471001 : Richard Birnbach

Miro, Paul

Inimioară (My heart): Roumanian gypsy fantasia
M475001 : Liber

Michaeloff, Mischa Sisserman (1890-1967) Russian

The Savoy tango medley
M476001 : Keith, Prowse

Monckton, Lionel (1861-1924) English

Come to the ball {from The Quaker Girl}
M574001-a : Unident.

The Quaker Girl (selection): [for piano solo] [Monckton-Higgs]
M574001-b : Chappell

Monti, Vittorio (1868-1922) Italian

Czardas: [for solo violin & piano/orch.]
M576001-a : Ricordi

Czardas: [for violin & piano]
M576001-b : Ricordi

2me Czardas: [for solo violin & piano/orch.]
M576002 : Ricordi

Moore, J H

Elegy: [for 'cello & piano]
M577001 : Stainer & Bell

Morel, Jean (1868-1936) English

Felicité: chant sans paroles [Morel-Geehl]
M578001 : Reeder & Walsh

Morét, Neil (1878-1943) American

Love's serenade: a tone picture [Moret-Williams]
M579001 : Francis, Day & Hunter

Moretti, L

The last good-bye: romance [Moretti-Lotter]
M581001 : Hawkes & Son

Moss, Katie (1881-1947) English

The floral dance
M584001 : Unident.

Moszkowski, Moritz (1854-1925) Polish

Spanish dances Op. 12 [Moszkowski-Myddleton]
M585001-a : Hawkes & Son

Spanische Tänze Op. 12 [Moszkowski-Scharwenka]
M585001-b : Peters

Moya (pseud.) (c1876-1922) English

The song of songs
M586001 : Unident.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian

Clarinet quintet A major KV 581 4th movt. (Allegretto con variazioni)
M587001-a : Unident.

Clarinet quintet A major KV 581
M587001-b : ! Xerox copy

Ave Verum [Mozart-Salabert]
M587002-a : Salabert

Ave Verum [Mozart-Weninger]
M587002-b : Anton Benjamin

Don Juan: overture
M587003 : Unident.

Deutscher Tanz K600 No. 1
M587004 : Unident.

Serenade (Eine kleine Nachtmusik) [Mozart-Weninger]
M587005 : Anton Benjamin

Larghetto from Concerto
M587006 : Unident.

Quartet in G minor / Eb (?)
M587007 : Unident.

3 Divertimento movements [Mozart-Woodhouse]
M587008 : Boosey & Hawkes

Minuet {from Symphony no. 41 'Jupiter'}
M587009 : Roehr

Quartet in F KV370: (oboe, violin, viola, cello)
M587010 : Unident.

Bell gavotte and Priests' march {from The Magic Flute} [Mozart-Fletcher]
M587011 : Curwen

Symphony no. 40
M587012 : Unident.

Il Seraglio: overture [Mozart-Winter]
M587013 : Boosey & Hawkes

Marriage of Figaro: overture
M587014 : Unident.

Symphony no. 41 'Jupiter'
M587015 : Unident.

Minuet & trio in D: arr. for p.& vn
M587016 : Keith, Prowse

Molloy, James Lynam (1837-1909) Irish

Love's old sweet song
M596001 : Boosey

Love's old sweet song
M596001 [in L055001] : Unident.

Möller, Friedrich-Wilhelm (1911-1993) German

The happy wanderer (Val de ri - val de ra)
M598001 : Bosworth

Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich (1839-1881) Russian

Boris Godounov
M829001 : Unident.

Myddleton, William Henry (1858-1917) Welsh

The thistle Op. 23: selection on Scotch melodies
M916001 : Hawkes & Son

M916002 : Unident.

Nash, Percy (1869-1958) English

The golden ballot: two-step
N002001 : Unident.

Nevin, Ethelbert (1862-1901) American

N123001 : Unident.

Nicolai, Karl Otto (1810-1849) German

The Merry Wives of Windsor: [overture]
N321001 : Unident.

Norton, Frederic (1869-1946) English

Chu Chin Chow [selection] [Norton-Fletcher]
N522001 : Keith, Prowse

Novello, Ivor (1893-1951) Welsh

The Dancing Years [selection]
N525001 : Unident.

Glamorous Night: [selection]
N525002 : Unident.

Offenbach, Jacques (1819-1880) German-French

Barcarolle {from 'Tales of Hoffman'}
O156001 : Unident.

Night of stars and night of love [SATB]: barcarolle [Offenbach-Austin]
O156001= : Cramer

Musette Op. 24: air de ballet du 17me siècle [Offenbach-Pagel]
O156003 [1] : Richard Birnbach

Nevin, Ethelbert (1862-1901) American

Narcissus Op. 13 [Nevin-Pagel]
O156003 [2] : Richard Birnbach

Offenbach, Jacques (1819-1880) German-French

Orpheus in the underworld: overture
O156004 : Unident.

Genevieve de Brabant: [selection]
O156005 : Unident.

Can can {from 'Orpheus in the underworld'}
O156006-a : Unident.

Orpheus in the underworld: overture: p. solo with violin + cello ad lib.
O156006-b : Banks

Orpheus in the underworld: overture
O156006-c : John Church

O'Hogan, Betsy (1888-1964) English

Old Father Thames
O242001 : Unident.

Olsson, Otto (1879-1964) Swedish

Te Deum: [for choir, string orch., harp & organ]
O432001 : Musikaliska Konstföreningen

Orme, Valerie d' (1893-1968) English

Amontillado: Spanish tango [Orme-Wright]
O743001 : Unident.

Padilla Sánchez, José (1889-1960) Spanish

Ça . . . c'est Paris: 6/8 Spanish one-step
P003001 : Salabert

Parker, Phyllis Norman (1889-1972) English

Ballet piquant: suite for strings and piano
P007001 : Hawkes & Son

Parry, Hubert (Sir Charles Hubert Hastings) (1848-1918) English

Jerusalem: And did those feet in ancient times
P009001 : Curwen

Pestalozza, Alberto (1851-1934) Italian

Ciribiribin: [waltz] [Pestalozza-Mackey]
P244001-a [1] : Ricordi

Dos Santos, Duarte Joaquim (1801-1855) Portuguese

Cielito lindo: Mexican serenade [Dos Santos-Leslie-Cowrick]
P244001-a [2] : Ricordi

Pestalozza, Alberto (1851-1934) Italian

Ciribiribin: [waltz] [Pestalozza-Irwin]
P244001-b [1] : Chappell

Pérez Freire, Osmán (1878-1930) Chilean

Caroli (ay-ay-ay) [Pérez Freire-Irwin]
P244001-b [2] : Chappell

Pierné, Gabriel (1863-1937) French

Serenade à Columbine
P403001 : Unident.

Planquette, Jean Robert (1848-1903) French

Les Cloches de Corneville: grand selection [Planquette-Godfrey]
P531001-a : Joseph Williams

Quadrilles {from 'Les Cloches de Corneville'} [Planquette-Coote]
P531001-b : Joseph Williams

Poldini, Ede (1869-1957) Hungarian

Poupée valsante
P601001-a : Ricordi

Poupée valsante
P601001-b : Ricordi

Poupée valsante
P601001-c : Ricordi

Ponchielli, Amilcare (1834-1886) Italian

Dance of the hours (La Gioconda) [Ponchielli-Mansfield]
P602001 : Paxton

Porter, Cole (1891-1964) American

Every time we say goodbye
P604001 : Unident.

Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924) Italian

Manon Lescaut: [selection]
P841001 : Unident.

Purcell, Henry (c1659-1695) English

Golden sonata: [arr. for 2 violins & piano] [Purcell-Jensen]
P842001-a : Augener

Golden sonata: [arr. for 4 violins, viola & 2 cellos]
P842001-b : Unident.

Purcell, Edward Cockram (1853-1932) English

Passing by
P842002 : Unident.

Quilter, Roger (1877-1953) English

Three English dances
Q701001 : Unident.

Rachmaninov, Sergei (1873-1943) Russian

R001001 : Unident.

Raff, (Joseph) Joachim (1822-1882) Swiss

Cavatina / Cavatine [Raff-Maclean]
R002001 : Unident.

Cavatina [Raff-Maclean]
R002001-a : Hawkes & Son

Cavatine [Raff-Wilke]
R002001-b : Hawkes & Son

Six morceaux
R002002 : Augener

R002002 [1] : Augener

Rameau, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764) French

Rigaudoon {from 'Dardanus'} [Rameau-Dawn]
R004001 : Boosey & Hawkes

R004002 : Edwin Ashdown

Rau, Max German

R006001 : Unident.

Ranzato, Virgilio (1883-1937) Italian

Passione: valse intermezzo [Ranzato-Moffat]
R014001 [in K321001-a] : Unident.

Passione: valse intermezzo [Ranzato-Moffat]
R014001 [in K321001-b] : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

Reeves, Ernest (1874-1940) English

Cocheco: an Alaskan loves song
R173001 : Hawkes & Son

R173002 : Unident.

Reger, Max (1873-1916) German

R174001 : Unident.

Rhode, Max (1884-1945) German

R387001 : Unident.

Richartz, Willy (1900-1972) German

Evening on the Rhine
R428001 : Unident.

Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai (1844-1908) Russian

Song of India {from Sadko}
R430001 : Unident.

Rixner, Josef ('Joe') (1902-1973) German

R432001 : Unident.

Roberts, Charles J (1868-1957) Austrian-American

Puszta maiden: waltz on Hungarian melodies
R596001 : Unident.

Rodgers, Richard (1902-1979) American

The Sound of Music: [selection]
R598001 : Unident.

Oklahoma! [Selection]
R598002 : Williamson

Romberg, Sigmund (1887-1951) Hungarian-American

Five songs
R601001 : Unident.

You will remember Vienna
R601001 [x] : Unident.

The Desert Song: piano selection [Romberg-Higgs]
R601002 : Chappell

Softly, as in a morning sunrise
R601003 : Unident.

Ronald, Landon (Sir) (1873-1938) English

Down in the forest [Ronald-Lucas]
R602001 : Enoch & Sons

Rosse, Frederick (1867-1940) English

The merchant of Venice: suite of incidental music
R603001 : Hawkes & Son

Oriental March {from 'The merchant of Venice'}: incidental music
R603001 [3] : Hawkes & Son

Doge's March {from 'The merchant of Venice'}: incidental music
R603001 [5] : Hawkes & Son

Monsieur Beaucaire: incidental music [Rosse-Bucalossi]
R603002 : Hawkes & Son

Intermezzo [from 'Monsieur Beaucaire'}: incidental music [Rosse-Bucalossi]
R603002 [1] : Hawkes & Son

Gavotte [from 'Monsieur Beaucaire'}: incidental music [Rosse-Bucalossi]
R603002 [3] : Hawkes & Son

Music of the Love-Scene Act 3 [from 'Monsieur Beaucaire'}: incidental music [Rosse-Bucalossi]
R603002 [5] : Hawkes & Son

The March Theme [from 'Monsieur Beaucaire'}: incidental music [Rosse-Bucalossi]
R603002 [6] : Hawkes & Son

Rossini, Gioachino Antonio (1792-1868) Italian

R604001 : Unident.

R604002 : Unident.

William Tell: ballet music
R604003 : Hawkes & Son

The Barber of Seville
R604004 : Unident.

Rothstein, James (b.1871) German

Serenata Op. 85b
R605001 : Bote & Bock

Roberton, Hugh Stevenson (Sir) (1874-1952) Scottish

All in the April evening
R621001 : Curwen

Rubens, Paul A (1876-1917) English

Three Little Maids: selection
R837001 : Unident.

Rubinstein, Anton (1829-1894) Russian

The Demon: ballet music
R838001 : Unident.

Deux mélodies Op. 3
R838002 : Richard Birnbach

Saint-Saëns, Charles Camille (1835-1921) French

Les Barbares: [selection]
S002001 : Unident.

La Foi: [selection]
S002002 : Unident.

Phrynée: [selection]
S002003 : Unident.

Parysatis: [suite]
S002004 : Unident.

Le cygne: mélodie pour violoncelle et piano [Saint-Saëns-Hoskier]
S002005 : Durand & Fils

Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix {from Samson et Dalila}: cantabile extrait du duo [Saint-Saëns-Papin]
S002006 : Durand & Fils

Schertzinger, Victor (1888-1941) American

One night of love
S108001 : Unident.

Schreier, Filippo (20th c.)

The song of the rose [Schreier/Bottero]
S116001 : Ricordi

Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Austrian

Ave Maria
S119001 : Unident.

Du bist die Ruh
S119002 : Unident.

Lilac time - first selection
S119003 : Unident.

Lilac time - second selection [Schubert-Higgs-Clutsam]
S119004 : Chappell

Marche militaire Op. 51 no. 1
S119005-a : Boosey & Hawkes

Marche militaire Op. 51 no. 1
S119005-b : Lafleur & Son

Marche militaire [Op. 51 no. 1] [Schubert-Allon]
S119005-c : Arthur

Marche militaire [Op. 51 no. 1]
S119005-d : Maidstone Sch. Orch. Assoc.

Matinée orageuse
S119006 : Unident.

Moment musical Op. 94: pour quintette de cordes [Schubert-Marchetti]
S119007-a : Marchetti

Moment musical [Op. 94]: transcr. pour 2 violons et piano (violoncelle ad lib.) [Schubert-Slatter]
S119007-b : Schott

Unfinished symphony no. 8
S119008 : Unident.

Rosamunde ballet music no. 2 [Schubert-Hunt]
S119009-a : Boosey & Hawkes

Rosamunde ballet music nos. 1 & 2 [Schubert-Douglas]
S119009-b : Boosey & Hawkes

Rosamunde airs de ballet nos. 1 & 2
S119009-c : Lafleur & Son

Rosamunde entr'acte no. 2
S119009-d : Unident.

Rosamunde entr'acte nos. 1 & 2
S119009-e : Hawkes & Son

Zwischenaktsmusik und Ballettmusik aus Rosamunde Op. 26 [Schubert-Weninger]
S119009-f : Feldman

Fetrás, Oscar (1854-1931) German

Nachruf an Schubert Op.205: Fantasie
S119010 : Feldman

Foulds, John Herbert (1880-1939) English

S119011 : Bosworth

Schubert, Franz (1797-1828) Austrian

Andante {from 2nd Movement, Symphony no. 9 - The Great}
S119012 : Unident.

S119013 : Unident.

Memories of Schubert
S119014 : Unident.

Rosamunde overture (Die Zauberharfe - The Magc Harp) Op. 26 [Schubert-Roberts]
S119015-a : Carl Fischer

Rosamunde overture (Die Zauberharfe) Op. 26 [Schubert-Schreiner]
S119015-b : Breitkopf & Härtel

Rosamunde overture [Schubert-Kappey]
S119015-c : Boosey

Rosamunde overture [Schubert-Winter]
S119015-d : Hawkes & Son

The Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm XXIII)
S119016 : Unident.

Sonata in D Op.137 no.1
S119017 : St Cecilia MPC

S119018 : Unident.

Three songs
S119019 : Unident.

Two trios Op.99, Op. 100
S119020 : Unident.

Quintett Op. 163: arranged as Trio
S119021 : Unident.

Schubert airs
S119022 : Unident.

Schumann, Robert (1810-1856) German

Slumber song
S122001 : Unident.

Träumerei Op. 15
S122002 : Unident.

Schmid, Adolf (1868-1958) Austrian

Three Hungarian dances
S127001 : Unident.

Sibelius, Jean (Johan Julius Christian) (1865-1957) Finnish

Valse triste {from Kuolema}
S406001-a : Breitkopf & Härtel

Valse triste {from Kuolema Op. 44} [Sibelius-Hermann]
S406001-b : Breitkopf & Härtel

Siede, Ludwig (1888-1956) German

S407001 : Unident.

Auf der Promenade
S407002 : Unident.

Papillon d'or
S407003 : Unident.

In the American bar
S407004 : Unident.

Silésu, Lao (1883-1953) Italian-French

Un peu d'amour: mélodie
S408001 : Chappell

Openshaw, John (1880-1966) English

Dream rose: [valse] [Openshaw-Somers]
S517001 : Feldman

Skelly, Joseph P (1853-1895) American

The old rustic bridge
S519001 : Unident.

Smetana, Bedřich (1824-1884) Czech

Sextett {from The Bartered Bride} [Smetana-Lotter]
S546001-a : Hawkes & Son

Lullaby {from The Kiss} [Smetana-Lotter]
S546001-b : Hawkes & Son

Snyder, Theodore Frank (Ted) (1881-1965) American

Carnival maid
S571001 : Unident.

Sousa, John Philip (1854-1932) American

The Stars and Stripes forever: march
S597001 : John Church

The Washington Post: march
S597002 : Paxton

Somerville, Reginald (1867-1948) English

Three light pieces
S604001 : Unident.

Harris, John Lewis English

Childhood memories
S605001 : Unident.

Stamper, Dave (1883-1963) American

Autumn leaves: intermezzo
S703001 : Francis, Day & Hunter

Straus, Oscar (1870-1954) Anglo-French

A Waltz Dream (ein Walzertraum): selection [Straus-Godfrey]
S710001 : Hawkes & Son

The Last Waltz: selection [Straus-Jaxon]
S710002 : Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew

Strauss, Johann I (1804-1849) Austrian

Radetzky march
S711001 : Unident.

Strauss, Johann II (1825-1899) Austrian

Die Fledermaus: overture
S712001 : Unident.

Perpetuum mobile
S712002 : Unident.

Blue Danube
S712003 : Unident.

Roses from the south: valse [Strauss-Winter]
S712004 : Boosey & Hawkes

Tales from the Vienna Woods
S712005 : Unident.

Voices of Spring
S712006 : Unident.

Wine, women and song
S712007 : Unident.

Wiener Kreuzer Op. 220: polka
S712008 : Unident.

Wiener Blut
S712009 : Unident.

S712010-a : Cranz

Schatz-Walzer {from Der Zigeunerbaron Op.418}
S712010-b : Cranz

Annen polka
S712011 : Unident.

Pizzicato polka
S712012 : Unident.

Waltz medley [Strauss-Stanton]
S712013 : Banks

Wine, women and song: march
S712014 : Unident.

One day when we were young
S712015 : Unident.

Thunder and lightning: polka - allegro
S712016 : Unident.

Artists' life [sic] : valse [Strauss-Winter]
S712017 : Boosey & Hawkes

Sudessi, Pompilio (1853-1923 Italian

I'm getting better every day
S716001 : Unident.

Strong, Mark

Scène de ballet
S876001 : Unident.

Sullivan, Arthur Seymour (Sir) (1842-1900) English

The lost chord
S878001 [in K121004] : Unident.

The Gondoliers: selection
S878002 : Unident.

Svendsen, Johan Severin (1840-1911) Norwegian

Norwegian rhapsody no. 1 Op. 17
S921001 : Hawkes & Son

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich (1840-1893) Russian

Chant sans paroles
T136001 : Unident.

Chant d'automne
T136002 : Unident.

T136003 : Unident.

Valse des fleurs
T136004 : Unident.

[Swan Lake selection]
T136005 : Unident.

Scene from Swan Lake
T136005 [1] : Unident.

Danse des cygnes {from Swan Lake}
T136005 [2] : Unident.

Valse from Swan Lake
T136005 [3] : Unident.

Andante cantabile {from Quartet Op. 11} [Tchaikovsky-Tolhurst]
T136006 : Paxton

None but the weary heart [Tchaikovsky-Muldan]
T136007 : Unident.

Fifth Symphony - 2nd movement
T136008 : Newnes

Valse {from Eugene Onegin}
T136009 : Unident.

Thomas, Charles Louis Ambroise (1811-1896) French

Overture {from Raymond}
T341001 : Unident.

Thomé, Francis (1850-1909) French

Simple aveu: romance sans paroles (cello solo) [arr. N. Gervasio]
T342001-a : Hawkes & Son

Simple aveu Op. 25: romance sans paroles
T342001-b : Durand & Fils

Le Thière, Charles (1859-1929) English

Gipsy life
T347001 : Unident.

Titl, Anton Emil (1809-1882) Czech

T432001 : Unident.

Toselli, Enrico (1883-1926) Italian

Serenata Op. 6 [Toselli-Gervasio]
T566001 : Delrieu

Tourneur, Jean Baptiste French

Toréador et picador
T569001 : Unident.

Danse hongroise
T569002 : Unident.

Trespailhé-Barrau, François-Dominique (d.1944) French

Vision de rêve
T766001 : Unident.

Trew, Arthur Charles (b.1882) English

Three quartet pieces
T767001 : Unident.

Trémisot, Édouard (1874-1952) French

L'escarpolette (The swing)
T769001 : Unident.

Turlet, André French

Le Regiment de Sambe-et-Meuse
T832001 : Joubert

Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901) Italian

La Traviata: [selection]
V176001 : Unident.

The Lady and the Fool
V176002 : Unident.

Rigoletto: [selection]
V176003 : Unident.

Melodies from Rigoletto [Verdi-Woodhouse]
V176004 : Boosey & Hawkes

The Sicilian Vespers
V176005 : Unident.

Verral, Maurice English

Our day: valse
V180001 : Unident.

Vilmos, P Hungarian

Magyar rhapsody [Vilmos-Piercy]
V284001 : Magyar Music

Vintilescu, Georgi (b.1880) Romanian-German

Ysabel: maxixe brésilienne [Vintilescu-Lautenschläger]
V286001 : Richard Birnbach

Wagner, Wilhelm  Richard (1813-1883) German

Grand march {from Tannhäuser}
W002001-a : Maidstone Sch. Orch. Assoc.

Grand march from Tannh: arr. for pianoforte
W002001-b : Paxton

Introduction 3rd Act Lohengrin
W002002 : Unident.

Prelude Lohengrin
W002003 : Unident.

Lohengrin: selection
W002004 : Unident.

Parsifal: selection
W002005 : Unident.

Rienzi: selection
W002006 : Unident.

Siegfried Idyll: arr. for piano, 2 violins, viola & cello (+ 2nd cello ad lib.) [Wagner-Pringsheim]
W002007-a : Schott's Söhne

W002007-b : Breitkopf & Härtel

Waldteufel, Emile (1837-1915) French

Vision: valse
W003001 : Unident.

Les patineurs: valse
W003002 : Unident.

Warlock, Peter (1894-1930) English

Serenade for strings
W005001 : Unident.

Walton, William (Sir) (1902-1983) English

The call of the Angelus
W006001 : Unident.

Ward-Higgs, William (1866-1936) English

Sussex by the sea
W028001 : Unident.

Weber, Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von (1786-1826) German

Invitation à la valse
W155001 : Unident.

Finale d'Euryanthe: arr. for piano & 2 violins [Weber-Hermann]
W155002 : Augener

Weinberger, Jaromír (1896-1967) Czech-American

Polka {from Schwanda the Bagpiper}
W159001 : Unident.

Whittaker, William Gillies (1876-1944) English

Bobby Shaftoe
W325001 : Unident.

Whitehouse, William Edward (1859-1935) English

Ballade in G
W326001 : Unident.

Widor, Charles-Marie (1844-1937) French

W375001-a : Schott

Sérénade [Widor-Slatter]
W375001-b : Schott's Söhne

Sérénade: new ed. [Widor-Artok]
W375001-c : Schott's Söhne

Wieniawski, Henryk (1835-1880) Polish

W376001 : Unident.

Williams, Frederick A (1869-1942) American

Twilight sketches
W379001 : Unident.

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958) English

Old Hundreth
W381001 : Unident.

Wilson, Jullien H (19th-20th c.) English

Love's Paradise
W384001 : Unident.

Winter, Aubrey (1870-1955) English

Martial moments: march medley
W385001 : Hawkes & Son

Martial moments: march medley [nos. 1-11]
W385001-1 : Hawkes & Son

Martial moments: march medley [nos. 12-21]
W385001-2 : Hawkes & Son

The golden valse: valse medley
W385002 : Hawkes & Son

The golden valse: valse medley [nos. 1-11]
W385002-1 : Hawkes & Son

The golden valse: valse medley [nos. 12-19]
W385002-2 : Hawkes & Son

The costume ball: medley valse cotillon no. 2
W385003 : Hawkes & Son

Williams, Charles (1893-1978) English

Dream of Olwen: arr. for 2 v.
W398001 : Lawrence Wright

Wood, Haydn (1882-1959) English

Roses of Picardy: song
W651001 : Chappell

Woodforde-Finden, Amy (1860-1919) English

A lover in Damascus
W653001 : Unident.

Wynne, Cecil English

Danse de la nuit
W931001 : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

[Tango time]
X161001 : Unident.

Black and white minstrel selection no. 4
X161002 : Francis, Day & Hunter

Old time and party dance album
X161003 : Unident.

X161004 : Unident.

Hava nagila
X161005 : Unident.

Yule-tide memories
X161006 : Unident.

Gay 90s
X161007 : Unident.

Vejvoda, Jaromír (1902-1988) Czech

Beer barrel polka (Roll out the barrel)
X161008-a : Unident.

Friml, Rudolf (1879-1972) Czech-American

X161008-b : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

X161009 : Unident.

Ayer, Nathaniel Davis ('Nat') (1887-1952) American

If you were the only girl in the world
X161009 [in L055001] : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Pub favourites
X161010 : Unident.

Londonderry air
X161011 : Unident.

Flanagan and Allen songs
X161012 : Unident.

Wrubel, Allie (1905-1973) American

Music, Maestro, please {from These Foolish Things}
X161012 [1a] : Chappell

Music, Maestro, please - chorus {from These Foolish Things}
X161012 [1b] : Unident.

Parker, Ross (1914-1974) English

Hey, Neighbour
X161012 [2] : Unident.

Carr, Michael (1905-1968) English

Hometown {from London Rhapsody}
X161012 [3a] : Peter Maurice

Hometown - chorus {from London Rhapsody}
X161012 [3b] : Unident.

On the outside looking in {from The Little Dog Laughed}
X161012 [4a] : Peter Maurice

We're always on the outside - chorus {from The Little Dog Laughed}
X161012 [4b] : Unident.

Russell, Kennedy (1884-1954) English

X161012 [5] : Campbell, Connelly

Flanagan, Bud (1896-1968) English

Underneath the arches
X161012 [6] : Unident.

Carr, Michael (1905-1968) English

Hometown; Dreaming; and Underneath the arches: [choruses] [Carr/Russell/Flanagan]
X161012-b : Unident.

Russell, Kennedy (1884-1954) English

Dreaming; and Underneath the arches: [choruses] [Russell/Flanagan]
X161012-c : Unident.

Carr, Michael (1905-1968) English

On the outside; and Hometown: [choruses]
X161012-d : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

[Songs from the Twenties]
X161013 : Unident.

Donaldson, Walter (1893-1947) American

My blue heaven
X161013 [1] : Unident.

Brown, Nacio Herb (1896-1964) American

Broadway melody
X161013 [2] : Unident.

You were meant for me
X161013 [3] : Unident.

Woods, Harry M (1896-1970) American

Side by side
X161013 [4] : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

National anthem / Auld lang syne
X161014 : Unident.

Mexican hat dance
X161015 : Unident.

[Tango time 2]: [compilation]
X161016 : Unident.

Country gardens
X161017 : Unident.

[Songs from the Thirties]
X161018 : Unident.

Henderson, Ray (1896-1970) American

The best things in lfe are free {from Good News}
X161018 [1] : Chappell

Stodel, Jack H

X161018 [2] : Irwin Dash

Brown, Nacio Herb (1896-1964) American

You are my lucky star {from Singin' in the Rain}
X161018 [3] : Unident.

Singin' in the rain
X161018 [4] : Unident.

Kunz, Charlie (1896-1958) Anglo-American

Waltz medley
X161019 : Unident.

Charles Kunz' radio medley of famous waltzes [pt 1]
X161019 (1) : Francis, Day & Hunter

Charles Kunz' radio medley of famous waltzes [pt 2]
X161019 (2) : Francis, Day & Hunter

When you and I were seventeen
X161019 [1] : Unident.

What'll I do?
X161019 [8] : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Old favourite dances
X161020 : Unident.

Morris, Arthur (1858-1938) English

The Veleta: round dance
X161020 [1] : Unident.

Boissonade, Marguerite French

Maxina: round dance [Boissonade/Hurndall]
X161020 [2] : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

[Songs from the Forties]: [compilation]
X161021 : Unident.

Silvers, Louis (1889-1954) American

April Showers.
X161021 [1] : Unident.

Kern, Jerome David (1885-1945) American

Long ago and far away
X161021 [2] : Unident.

Look for the silver lining
X161021 [3] : Unident.

Duke, Vernon (1903-1969) Russian-American

April in Paris
X161021 [4] : Unident.

Stoddon, R S (20th c.) English

X161022 : Feldman

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

[Tango time 3]
X161023 : Unident.

Romberg, Sigmund (1887-1951) Hungarian-American

Softly, as in a morning sunrise {from The New Moon}: [Tango time 3]
X161023 [1] : Warner Bros.

Rodríguez, Gerardo Matos (1897-1948) Uruguayan

La cumparsita: [Tango time 3]
X161023 [2] : Unident.

Albéniz, Isaac (1860-1909) Catalan

Tango: [Tango time 3]
X161023 [3] : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

The chastity belt
X161024 : Unident.

[Famous waltzes]
X161025-a : Unident.

Berlin, Irving (1888-1989) Russian-American

X161025-a [1] : Francis, Day & Hunter

Rapée, Ernö (1891-1945) American

X161025-a [2] : Unident.

Wayne, Mabel (1890-1978) American

Ramona: waltz song
X161025-a [3] : Francis, Day & Hunter

Parker, Ross (1914-1974) English

We'll meet again [Parker-Charles]
X161025-b : Unident.

Donaldson, Walter (1893-1947) American

My blue heaven
X161025-c : Unident.

Haines, Will E (d.1958) English

Sally [Haines-Leon-Towers]
X161025-d : Unident.

de Curtis, Ernesto (1875-1937) Italian

Come back to Sorrento
X161025-e : Unident.

Hall, Henry (1898-1989) English

It's just the time for dancing
X161025-f : Unident.

Stoddon, R S (20th c.) English

Florrie Forde's favourites: a selection
X161026 : Feldman

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Carols: [compilation]
X161027-1 : Unident.


The first Nowell
X161027-1[F] : Unident.

Good King Wenceslas
X161027-1[G] : Unident.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847) German

Hark! The herald angels sing
X161027-1[H] : Unident.

Wade, John Francis (1711-1786) English

O come all ye faithful
X161027-1[O] : Unident.


Silent night, holy night
X161027-1[S] : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Carols [2]: [2nd compilation, Dec. 1996]
X161027-2 : Unident.


Angels from the realm of glory
X161027-2[A] : Unident.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847) German

Hark! The herald angels sing
X161027-2[H] : Unident.

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958) English

O little town of Bethlehem
X161027-2[L1] : Unident.

Davies, Walford (1869-1941) English

O little town of Bethlehem
X161027-2[L2] : Unident.

Wade, John Francis (1711-1786) English

O come all ye faithful
X161027-2[O] : Unident.

Goss, John (1800-1880) English

See, amid the winter's snow
X161027-2[S] : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Carols [3]: [3rd compilation, Dec. 1998]
X161027-3 : Unident.


Silent night, holy night
X161027-3[S] : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Carols [4]: [4th compilation, Dec. 2000]
X161027-4 : Unident.


Once, in royal David's city
X161027-4[O] : Unident.

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759) German-British

Joy to the world
X161027-4[W] : Unident.

04-Various Composers (Miscellanies)

Carols [5]: [5th compilation]
X161027-5 : Unident.


Ding dong! Merrily on high
X161027-5[D] : Unident.

The first Nowell
X161027-5[F] : Unident.

Hark, the glad sound
X161027-5[G] : Unident.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847) German

Hark! The herald angels sing
X161027-5[H] : Unident.


It came upon the midnight clear
X161027-5[I] : Unident.

In dulci jubilo
X161027-5[J] : Unident.

Hopkins, John Henry Jr (1820-1891) American

We three kings
X161027-5[K] : Unident.


Love came down at Christmas
X161027-5[L] : Unident.

As with gladness men of old
X161027-5[M] : Unident.

Once, in royal David's city
X161027-5[O] : Unident.

God rest ye merry, gentlemen
X161027-5[R] : Unident.

Goss, John (1800-1880) English

See, amid the winter's snow
X161027-5[S] : Unident.


Zither carol
X161027-5[Z] : Unident.

Pether, Henry Edmond (1867-1932) English

Old music hall memories: a selection
X161028-a : Francis, Day & Hunter

Clutsam, George Howard (1866-1951) Australian

Ma curly-headed babby: [plantation song]
X161028-b : Unident.


Santa Lucia: [traditional Neapolitan song]
X161029 : Unident.

Scott, Clement (1880-1946) Australian

Now is the hour
X161030 [1] : Unident.


X161030 [2] : Unident.

Youmans, Vincent (1898-1946) American

Hit the deck: pianoforte selection [Youmans-Higgs]
Y425001 : Chappell

No! No! Nanette: piano selection [Youmans-Higgs]
Y425002 : Chappell

Yradier, Sebastián (1809-1865) Basque

La paloma (The dove): Spanish serenade
Y631001 : Lafleur & Son

Zerega, Eduardo (c1860-1922) Spanish

Le Carnival de Venise: pour mandoline et piano [Trad.-Zerega]
Z124001 : Keith, Prowse

Zeller, Carl (1842-1898) Austrian

Don't be cross {from The Mine Foreman}
Z161001 : Unident.

Zulueta, Pedro de (1870-1920) Basque

Zoë: valse orientale [Zulueta-Lotter]
Z723001 : Keith, Prowse

784 works by 416 composers