Instrumental Scores from the R H Allen Collection

in the Library of the
North East of Scotland Music School

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Thursday 18th July 2024

Cello or Bass

Prélude {from L'Arlésienne} [Bizet]
B452002 [1]   MS: 1            

Agnus Dei {from L'Arlésienne} [Bizet]
B452005-a   MS: 1            

3 Hungarian dances [Brahms-Schmid]
B762001 PR: 2 : Hawkes & Son            

Sonatina symfonicka Op.100 [Dvorák-Arnell/Rokos]
D911004 PR: 2 : Bosworth            

Menuet from the 'Oxford' symphony [Haydn-Carse]
H016008   MS: 1                  

Day dreams [Higgin-Read]
H506001 PR: 1 : Beal, Stuttard            

Denbigh suite [Jacob]
J006001 PR: 2 : OUP      

Sanctuary of the heart [Ketèlbey]
K121004-b   MS: 1            

The ragtime bassplayer [Lotter]
L580002   MS: 1            

Wiener Kreuzer Op. 220 [Strauss II]
S712008   MS: 1            

The lost chord [Sullivan]
S878001 [in K121004]   MS: 1            

Melodies from Rigoletto [Verdi-Woodhouse]
V176004   MS: 1                  

7 printed and 8 MS parts from 12 works