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North East of Scotland Music School

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Saturday 20th July 2024

Piano+Voice+Ukulele &c

Black and white minstrel selection no. 4 [Various]
X161002 PR: 1 : Francis, Day & Hunter      

Music, Maestro, please {from These Foolish Things} [Wrubel]
X161012 [1a] PR: 1 : Chappell      

Hometown {from London Rhapsody} [Carr]
X161012 [3a] PR: 1 : Peter Maurice      

On the outside looking in {from The Little Dog Laughed} [Carr]
X161012 [4a] PR: 1 : Peter Maurice      

The best things in lfe are free {from Good News} [Henderson]
X161018 [1] PR: 1 : Chappell      

Carolina [Stodel]
X161018 [2] PR: 1 : Irwin Dash      

Dixieland [Stoddon]
X161022 PR: 2 : Feldman