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North East of Scotland Music School

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Thursday 18th July 2024


Au pays natal [Ackermans ]
A076001   MS: 1            

Warsaw concerto (theme) [Addinsell]
A115001   MS: 1            

The bells of St Mary's [Adams-Jaxon]
A121001   MS: 1                  

Rendez-vous [Aletter]
A317001   MS: 1            

Colonel Bogey [Alford]
A319001   MS: 1            

The voice of the guns [Alford]
A319002   MS: 1            

Swedish rhapsody [Alfvén]
A327001   MS: 1            

The Wee Macgreegor [Amers]
A526001   MS: 1            

Die Puppensee [Bayer]
B015001   MS: 1            

Destiny [Baynes]
B016001   MS: 2            

Admirals all [Bath]
B019001   MS: 1            

Cornish rhapsody (theme) [Bath]
B019002   MS: 1            

Serenade [Bassi-Rathgeb]
B022001   MS: 1            

Brazil [Barroso]
B044001-a   MS: 1            

White Horse Inn [Benatzky-Stolz]
B220001   MS: 1                  

Waltzes [Berlin]
B225001-a   MS: 1            

Change partners {from Carefree} [Berlin]
B225002 [1]   MS: 1            

Change partners {from Carefree} [Berlin]
B225002 [2]   MS: 1            

Tesoro mio… ! [Becucci]
B244001   MS: 1            

Cruising down the river [Beadell/Tollerton]
B252001   MS: 1                  

Vimy Ridge [Bidgood]
B451001   MS: 1            

Grande (2e) fantaisie sur 'Carmen' (opéra de G. Bizet) [Bizet-Tavan]
B452001-a   MS: 1                  

Adagietto {from L'Arlésienne} [Bizet]
B452002 [3]   MS: 1            

L'Arlésienne suite no. 2 [Bizet]
B452003   MS: 1            

Agnus Dei {from L'Arlésienne} [Bizet]
B452005-a   MS: 1            

March from Carmen [Bizet]
B452006   MS: 1            

Elizabethan serenade [Binge]
B455001   MS: 1            

The watermill [Binge]
B455002-a   MS: 2            

Walking in the air {from The Snowman} [Blake]
B501001   MS: 1            

Sizilietta [Blon]
B510001   MS: 1            

La maxixe [Borel-Clerc]
B592001   MS: 1            

Gipsy moon [Borganoff]
B594001   MS: 1            

The teddy bears' picnic [Bratton-Saddler]
B775001   MS: 1                  

Bless this house [Brahe]
B780001-a   MS: 1            

A day in Naples [Byng ]
B987001-a   MS: 1            

Trumpet voluntary [Clarke]
C397001-a   MS: 1: scanned            

By the sleepy lagoon [Coates]
C501002   MS: 1            

In town tonight (Knightsbridge march) [Coates]
C501003   MS: 1            

Bitter Sweet [Coward-Jones]
C510001-a   MS: 1                  

In sweet Devonia [Corri]
C512001   MS: 1            

Santiago [Corbin-Winte]
C528001 PR: 1 : Boosey & Hawkes            

The Boulevardier [Curzon]
C852001   MS: 1            

The Lilac Domino [selection] [Cuvillier]
C854001   MS: 1            

Come back to Sorrento [Curtis]
C857001   MS: 1            

Solemn melody [Davies]
D009001   MS: 1            

Valse très lente {from Sylvia} [Delibes]
D229002   MS: 1            

La Source [Delibes-Woodhouse]
D229003   MS: 1                  

Scène d'amour {from La Source} [Delibes]
D229004   MS: 1            

Patrouille espagnole [Deshayes]
D232001   MS: 1            

Funiculi funicula [Denza-Sumner]
D233001   MS: 1                  

Play, fiddle, play [Altman/Deutsch]
D236001   MS: 1                  

Serenade {from Les Millions d'Arlequin} [Drigo]
D732001   MS: 1            

Wiener Volksmelodien Op. 104 [Drescher]
D736001   MS: 1            

[5] Menuetts Op. 28 [Dvorák]
D911001   MS: 1            

Slavonic dances - 2nd selection [Dvorák-Hanmer]
D911002 PR: 1 : Weinberger   MS: 1                              

Coronation march Op. 34 [Eilenberg]
E202001   MS: 1            

Lullaby (In Hammersbach) Op. 27 no. 3 [Elgar]
E341001   MS: 1            

Salut d'amour Op. 12 [Elgar]
E341002   MS: 1            

Theme from Pomp and Circumstance [Elgar-Woodhouse]
E341003 PR: 1 : Boosey & Hawkes            

My love dwelt in a Northern land [Elgar]
E341004   MS: 1            

Mélodie d'amour [Engelmann]
E502001   MS: 1            

The Westminster waltz [Farnon]
F007001   MS: 1            

Black eyes [Ferraris]
F177002   MS: 1            

Moonlight on the Alster [Fetrás]
F178001   MS: 1            

Poëm [Fibich-Geehl]
F271001-a   MS: 1                  

Poëm [Fibich]
F271001-c   MS: 1            

In the shadows [Finck]
F273003   MS: 1            

Gladness [Foulds]
F534001   MS: 1            

Song of the vagabonds [Friml]
F651003   MS: 1            

Rose Marie (selection) [Friml/Stothart-Higgs]
F652001   MS: 1                  

Viens, Poupule! [Gauwin]
G011001   MS: 1            

Judex {from Mors et Vita} [Gounod-Tours]
G446002-c   MS: 1                  

Allegretto {from 'Mirella' overture} [Gounod]
G446003 [2]   MS: 1            

Exodus (theme) [Gold]
G458001   MS: 1            

Casino dances [Gung'l]
G821001-a   MS: 1            

Erinnerung an Peterhof [Gung'l]
G821002   MS: 1            

Alla danza [Haden]
H002001   MS: 1            

Gavotte in B flat [Handel-Le Thière]
H008001   MS: 1                  

Largo [Handel-Crawley]
H008002-c   MS: 1                  

Menuet {from Berenice} [Handel-Reeves]
H008003   MS: 1                  

Serenade {from Quartet no. 17} [Haydn]
H016005   MS: 1            

Haydn suite [Haydn]
H016007   MS: 1            

Ständchen (Serenade) Op. 21 [Heykens]
H335001 [1]   MS: 1            

Second Serenade (Zweites Ständchen) [Heykens-Stoddon]
H335001 [2]   MS: 1                  

Fairy tale [Heykens]
H335002   MS: 1            

Day dreams [Higgin-Read]
H506001   MS: 1                  

The butterflies' ball [Higgin]
H506002   MS: 1            

Blaze-away! [Holzmann]
H600001-a   MS: 1            

Waves of the Danube (Donau Wellen) [Ivanovici-Winter]
I751001 PR: 1 : Boosey & Hawkes            

Gavotte à la Pompadour Op. 230 [Jessel]
J173001   MS: 1            

The parade of the tin soldiers Op. 123 [Jessel]
J173003   MS: 1            

All people that on Earth … {from Saints Alive} [Jones]
J496001   MS: 1            

The Harry Lime theme {from The Third Man} [Karas]
K002001   MS: 1            

Eton boating song [Kaps]
K010001   MS: 1            

Star of the sea [Kennedy]
K118001   MS: 1            

Show Boat [Kern]
K120001-a   MS: 1            

Ol' Man River {from Show Boat} [Kern]
K120001-b   MS: 1            

In a Persian market [Ketèlbey]
K121003-b   MS: 1            

Sanctuary of the heart [Ketèlbey]
K121004-b   MS: 1            

Daybreak [King]
K321001-a   MS: 1            

Kreisler themes [Kreisler]
K610006   MS: 1            

Frog king's parade (Froschkönigs Fackelzug) [Kronberger / Marriott]
K612001   MS: 2                  

Skye boat song [Lawson]
L027001-a   MS: 1            

The end of the road [Dillon / Lauder]
L055001   MS: 1                  

The Merry Widow [Lehár]
L234001-a   MS: 1            

Gypsy Love (Zigeunerliebe) [Lehár]
L234002   MS: 1            

Gypsy Love [Lehár]
L234003-a   MS: 1            

Viennese Memories [Lehár]
L234004   MS: 1            

Andantino [Lemare]
L236001-1   MS: 2            

Pie Jesu {from Requiem} [Lloyd Webber]
L548001   MS: 1            

The Phantom of the Opera [Lloyd Webber]
L548002   MS: 1            

All I ask of you {from The Phantom of the Opera} [Lloyd Webber]
L548003   MS: 1            

The ragtime bassplayer [Lotter]
L580002   MS: 1            

Idylle slovaque [Lotter]
L580003-a   MS: 1            

My Fair Lady [Loewe]
L584001   MS: 1            

Suite from the Ballet Egyptien Part 1 (Nos. 1-4) [Luigini]
L752001-b   MS: 1            

Triumphal march {from Cleopatra} [Mancinelli]
M009001   MS: 1            

Coeur affolé [Marchetti]
M013001   MS: 1            

Fascination [Marchetti]
M013002   MS: 1            

Mihaly [De Maurizi]
M028001   MS: 1            

Evensong [Martin]
M048001   MS: 1            

Plaisir d'amour [Martini]
M055001   MS: 1            

I waited for the Lord [Mendelssohn]
M353005-a   MS: 1            

Les Deux Pigeons pt. 1 [Messager]
M355001   MS: 1            

Les Deux Pigeons pt. 2 [Messager]
M355002   MS: 1            

American patrol [Meacham]
M364001 PR: 1 : Unident.   MS: 1            

Inimioară (My heart) [Miro]
M475001   MS: 1            

The Savoy tango medley [Michaeloff]
M476001 PR: 1 : Keith, Prowse   MS: 1            

Czardas [Monti]
M576001-a   MS: 1            

Felicité [Morel-Geehl]
M578001   MS: 1                  

Spanish dances Op. 12 [Moszkowski-Myddleton]
M585001-a   MS: 1                  

The song of songs [Moya]
M586001 PR: 1 : Unident.   MS: 1            

3 Divertimento movements [Mozart-Woodhouse]
M587008   MS: 1                  

Minuet {from Symphony no. 41 'Jupiter'} [Mozart]
M587009   MS: 1            

Il Seraglio [Mozart-Winter]
M587013   MS: 1                  

Love's old sweet song [Molloy]
M596001   MS: 1            

Love's old sweet song [Molloy]
M596001 [in L055001]   MS: 1            

The happy wanderer (Val de ri - val de ra) [Möller]
M598001   MS: 1            

The golden ballot [Nash]
N002001   MS: 1            

Chu Chin Chow [selection] [Norton-Fletcher]
N522001   MS: 1                  

The Dancing Years [selection] [Novello]
N525001   MS: 1            

Barcarolle {from 'Tales of Hoffman'} [Offenbach]
O156001   MS: 1            

Can can {from 'Orpheus in the underworld'} [Offenbach]
O156006-a   MS: 1            

Old Father Thames [O'Hogan]
O242001   MS: 1            

Ça . . . c'est Paris [Padilla Sánchez]
P003001   MS: 1            

Ciribiribin [Pestalozza-Mackey]
P244001-a [1]   MS: 1                  

Les Cloches de Corneville [Planquette-Godfrey]
P531001-a   MS: 1                  

Poupée valsante [Poldini]
P601001-a   MS: 1            

Dance of the hours (La Gioconda) [Ponchielli-Mansfield]
P602001   MS: 1                  

Prelude [Rachmaninoff]
R001001   MS: 1            

Cavatina / Cavatine [Raff-Maclean]
R002001   MS: 1                  

Marcia [Raff]
R002002 [1]   MS: 1            

Passione [Ranzato-Moffat]
R014001 [in K321001-a]   MS: 1                  

Cocheco [Reeves]
R173001   MS: 1            

Oklahoma! [Selection] [Rodgers]
R598002   MS: 1            

The Desert Song [Romberg-Higgs]
R601002   MS: 1                  

Down in the forest [Ronald-Lucas]
R602001   MS: 1                  

Monsieur Beaucaire [Rosse-Bucalossi]
R603002   MS: 1                  

William Tell [Rossini]
R604003   MS: 1            

Serenata Op. 85b [Rothstein]
R605001   MS: 1            

Deux mélodies Op. 3 [Rubinstein]
R838002   MS: 1            

Le cygne [Saint-Saëns-Hoskier]
S002005   MS: 1                  

The song of the rose [Schreier/Bottero]
S116001 PR: 1 : Ricordi                        

Lilac time - second selection [Schubert-Higgs-Clutsam]
S119004   MS: 1                  

Marche militaire Op. 51 no. 1 [Schubert]
S119005-a   MS: 1            

Rosamunde ballet music nos. 1 & 2 [Schubert-Douglas]
S119009-b   MS: 1                  

Rosamunde entr'acte nos. 1 & 2 [Schubert]
S119009-e   MS: 1            

Andante {from 2nd Movement, Symphony no. 9 - The Great} [Schubert]
S119012   MS: 1            

Memories of Schubert [Schubert]
S119014   MS: 1            

Valse triste {from Kuolema} [Sibelius]
S406001-a   MS: 1            

Un peu d'amour [Silésu]
S408001   MS: 1            

Dream rose [Openshaw-Somers]
S517001   MS: 1                  

Sextett {from The Bartered Bride} [Smetana-Lotter]
S546001-a   MS: 1                  

Lullaby {from The Kiss} [Smetana-Lotter]
S546001-b   MS: 1                  

The Stars and Stripes forever [Sousa]
S597001   MS: 1            

The Washington Post [Sousa]
S597002   MS: 1                  

Autumn leaves [Stamper]
S703001   MS: 1            

Radetzky march [Strauss I]
S711001   MS: 1            

Roses from the south [Strauss-Winter]
S712004   MS: 1                  

Wiener Kreuzer Op. 220 [Strauss II]
S712008   MS: 1            

Schatz-Walzer [Strauss II]
S712010-a   MS: 1            

Annen polka [Strauss II]
S712011   MS: 1            

Pizzicato polka [Strauss II]
S712012   MS: 1            

Waltz medley [Strauss-Stanton]
S712013   MS: 1                  

Thunder and lightning [Strauss II]
S712016   MS: 1            

Scene from Swan Lake [Tchaikovsky]
T136005 [1]   MS: 1            

Danse des cygnes {from Swan Lake} [Tchaikovsky]
T136005 [2]   MS: 1            

Fifth Symphony - 2nd movement [Tchaikovsky]
T136008   MS: 1            

Simple aveu [arr. N. Gervasio]
T342001-a   MS: 1            

Serenata Op. 6 [Toselli-Gervasio]
T566001   MS: 1                  

Danse hongroise [Tourneur]
T569002   MS: 1            

Le Regiment de Sambe-et-Meuse [Turlet]
T832001   MS: 1            

Magyar rhapsody [Vilmos-Piercy]
V284001   MS: 2                  

Grand march {from Tannhäuser} [Wagner]
W002001-a   MS: 1            

Sussex by the sea [Ward-Higgs]
W028001   MS: 2            

Finale d'Euryanthe [Weber-Hermann]
W155002   MS: 1                  

Ballade in G [Whitehouse]
W326001   MS: 1            

Sérénade [Widor]
W375001-a   MS: 1            

Old Hundreth [Vaughan-Williams]
W381001   MS: 1            

Martial moments [Winter]
W385001   MS: 1            

The golden valse [Winter]
W385002   MS: 1            

The costume ball [Winter]
W385003   MS: 1            

Dream of Olwen [Williams]
W398001   MS: 1            

Roses of Picardy [Wood]
W651001   MS: 1            

Hava nagila [Various]
X161005   MS: 1            

Yule-tide memories [Various]
X161006   MS: 1            

Beer barrel polka (Roll out the barrel) [Vejvoda]
X161008-a   MS: 1            

If you were the only girl in the world [Ayer]
X161009 [in L055001]   MS: 1            

Flanagan and Allen songs [Various]
X161012   MS: 1            

Dreaming [Russell]
X161012 [5]   MS: 1            

Hometown; Dreaming; and Underneath the arches [Carr/Russell/Flanagan]
X161012-b   MS: 1                  

My blue heaven [Donaldson]
X161013 [1]   MS: 1            

Broadway melody [Brown]
X161013 [2]   MS: 1            

You were meant for me [Brown]
X161013 [3]   MS: 1            

Side by side [Woods]
X161013 [4]   MS: 1            

National anthem / Auld lang syne [Various]
X161014   MS: 1            

[Tango time 2] [Various]
X161016   MS: 1            

Country gardens [Various]
X161017   MS: 1            

[Songs from the Thirties] [Various]
X161018   MS: 1            

Waltz medley [Kunz]
X161019   MS: 1            

The Veleta [Morris]
X161020 [1]   MS: 1            

Maxina [Boissonade/Hurndall]
X161020 [2]   MS: 1                  

[Songs from the Forties] [Various]
X161021   MS: 1            

Dixieland [Stoddon]
X161022   MS: 1            

[Tango time 3] [Various]
X161023 PR: 1 : Unident.   MS: 1            

The chastity belt [Various]
X161024   MS: 1            

Always [Berlin]
X161025-a [1]   MS: 1            

Charmaine [Rapée]
X161025-a [2]   MS: 1            

Ramona [Wayne]
X161025-a [3]   MS: 1            

Florrie Forde's favourites [Stoddon]
X161026   MS: 1            

Carols [Various]
X161027-1   MS: 1            

Carols [2] [Various]
X161027-2   MS: 1                  

Once, in royal David's city [Anon.]
X161027-4[O]   MS: 2            

Old music hall memories [Pether]
X161028-a   MS: 1            

Ma curly-headed babby [Clutsam]
X161028-b   MS: 1            

Santa Lucia [Trad.]
X161029   MS: 1            

Now is the hour [Scott]
X161030 [1]   MS: 1            

Home [Unidentified]
X161030 [2]   MS: 1            

Hit the deck [Youmans-Higgs]
Y425001   MS: 1                  

No! No! Nanette [Youmans-Higgs]
Y425002   MS: 1                  

Le Carnival de Venise [Trad.-Zerega]
Z124001   MS: 1            

Don't be cross {from The Mine Foreman} [Zeller]
Z161001   MS: 1            

Zoë [Zulueta-Lotter]
Z723001   MS: 1                  

9 printed and 246 MS parts from 243 works