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North East of Scotland Music School

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Thursday 18th July 2024

3rd Violin

The Wee Macgreegor [Amers]
A526001   MS: 1            

Brandenburg concerto no. 3 [Bach]
B003001   MS: 1                  

2nd movement from 1st Symphony [Beethoven-Carse]
B217005   MS: 1                  

March from Carmen [Bizet]
B452006   MS: 2            

Sizilietta [Blon]
B510001   MS: 1            

Bless this house [Brahe]
B780001-a   MS: 1            

Trumpet voluntary [Purcell]
C397001-b   MS: 2            

Wiegenlied Op. 33 [Drdla]
D731002   MS: 1            

Dances in miniature Op. 80 [Dunhill]
D782001 PR: 1 : Boosey & Hawkes      

Poëm [Fibich-Kubelik]
F271001-d   MS: 1                  

Pièce V [Franck]
F641001   MS: 1            

Shepherds' dance [from Henry VIII} [German]
G162003 [2]   MS: 2            

Petites litanies de Jésus {from L'Almanach aux Images} [Grovlez]
G640001   MS: 1            

Largo [Handel]
H008002-a   MS: 1            

Symphony no. 2 [ie 104, 'London'] [Haydn]
H016006-b   MS: 1            

Menuet from the 'Oxford' symphony [Haydn-Carse]
H016008   MS: 3                  

Ständchen (Serenade) Op. 21 [Heykens]
H335001 [1]   MS: 1            

Denbigh suite [Jacob]
J006001   MS: 2            

All people that on Earth … {from Saints Alive} [Jones]
J496001   MS: 1            

In a Persian market [Ketèlbey]
K121003-a   MS: 1            

Frog king's parade (Froschkönigs Fackelzug) [Kronberger / Marriott]
K612001   MS: 1                  

Concertino Op. 12 [Küchler]
K837001 PR: 1 : Bosworth            

The Phantom of the Opera [Lloyd Webber]
L548002   MS: 1            

Intermezzo {from Cavalleria Rusticana} [Mascagni]
M022001 [in K321001-a]   MS: 1            

Spring song [Wood]
M353004   MS: 1                  

Ave Verum [Mozart-Salabert]
M587002-a   MS: 1                  

Il Seraglio [Mozart-Winter]
M587013   MS: 1                  

Barcarolle {from 'Tales of Hoffman'} [Offenbach]
O156001   MS: 1            

Musette Op. 24 [Offenbach-Pagel]
O156003 [1]   MS: 1                  

Amontillado [Orme-Wright]
O743001   MS: 2                  

Ça . . . c'est Paris [Padilla Sánchez]
P003001   MS: 1            

Jerusalem [Parry]
P009001   MS: 1            

Ciribiribin [Pestalozza-Mackey]
P244001-a [1]   MS: 1                  

Golden sonata [Purcell-Jensen]
P842001-a   MS: 1                  

Gavotte [Rameau]
R004002   MS: 1            

Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix {from Samson et Dalila} [Saint-Saëns-Papin]
S002006   MS: 1                  

Andante {from 2nd Movement, Symphony no. 9 - The Great} [Schubert]
S119012   MS: 2            

The Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm XXIII) [Schubert]
S119016   MS: 1            

Träumerei Op. 15 [Schumann]
S122002   MS: 1            

Valse triste {from Kuolema} [Sibelius]
S406001-a   MS: 1            

Wiener Kreuzer Op. 220 [Strauss II]
S712008   MS: 2            

Andante cantabile {from Quartet Op. 11} [Tchaikovsky-Tolhurst]
T136006   MS: 1                  

Serenata Op. 6 [Toselli-Gervasio]
T566001   MS: 1                  

Melodies from Rigoletto [Verdi-Woodhouse]
V176004 PR: 1 : Boosey & Hawkes            

Sussex by the sea [Ward-Higgs]
W028001   MS: 1            

Finale d'Euryanthe [Weber-Hermann]
W155002 PR: 1 : Augener            

Polka {from Schwanda the Bagpiper} [Weinberger]
W159001   MS: 1            

Sérénade [Widor]
W375001-a   MS: 1            

Hometown - chorus {from London Rhapsody} [Carr]
X161012 [3b]   MS: 1            

Dreaming [Russell]
X161012 [5]   MS: 1            

Underneath the arches [Flanagan]
X161012 [6]   MS: 1            

Always [Berlin]
X161025-a [1]   MS: 1            

Charmaine [Rapée]
X161025-a [2]   MS: 1            

Ramona [Wayne]
X161025-a [3]   MS: 1            

Come back to Sorrento [De Curtis]
X161025-e   MS: 1            

Now is the hour [Scott]
X161030 [1]   MS: 1            

Home [Unidentified]
X161030 [2]   MS: 1            

4 printed and 62 MS parts from 57 works