Instrumental Scores from the R H Allen Collection

in the Library of the
North East of Scotland Music School

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Saturday 20th July 2024

Tenor Trombone

Rendez-vous [Aletter]
A317001   MS: 1            

Colonel Bogey [Alford]
A319001   MS: 1            

The Wee Macgreegor [Amers]
A526001   MS: 1            

Vimy Ridge [Bidgood]
B451001   MS: 1            

Gipsy moon [Borganoff]
B594001   MS: 1            

Bless this house [Brahe]
B780001-a   MS: 1                  

Patrouille espagnole [Deshayes]
D232001   MS: 2            

Viens, Poupule! [Gauwin]
G011001   MS: 1            

Frog king's parade (Froschkönigs Fackelzug) [Kronberger / Marriott]
K612001   MS: 1                  

Idylle slovaque [Lotter]
L580003-a   MS: 1            

American patrol [Meacham]
M364001   MS: 1            

Minuet {from Symphony no. 41 'Jupiter'} [Mozart]
M587009   MS: 1            

Love's old sweet song [Molloy]
M596001   MS: 1            

Deux mélodies Op. 3 [Rubinstein]
R838002 PR: 1 : Richard Birnbach      

Radetzky march [Strauss I]
S711001   MS: 1                  

Thunder and lightning [Strauss II]
S712016   MS: 1            

Le Regiment de Sambe-et-Meuse [Turlet]
T832001   MS: 1            

Sussex by the sea [Ward-Higgs]
W028001   MS: 1                  

Beer barrel polka (Roll out the barrel) [Vejvoda]
X161008-a   MS: 2            

My blue heaven [Donaldson]
X161013 [1]   MS: 1            

Broadway melody [Brown]
X161013 [2]   MS: 1            

You were meant for me [Brown]
X161013 [3]   MS: 1            

Side by side [Woods]
X161013 [4]   MS: 1            

[Songs from the Thirties] [Various]
X161018   MS: 1            

Waltz medley [Kunz]
X161019   MS: 1            

Don't be cross {from The Mine Foreman} [Zeller]
Z161001   MS: 2            

1 printed and 28 MS parts from 26 works