Instrumental Scores from the R H Allen Collection

in the Library of the
North East of Scotland Music School

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Monday 24th June 2024

Trumpet in Bb

Swedish rhapsody [Alfvén]
A327001   MS: 1            

Tramonto d'amore [Crepaldi]
C762001 PR: 1 : Ricordi      

Come back to Sorrento [Curtis]
C857001   MS: 1            

[5] Menuetts Op. 28 [Dvorák]
D911001 PR: 1 : Bote & Bock      

Theme from Pomp and Circumstance [Elgar-Woodhouse]
E341003   MS: 1                  

Casino Tänze [Gung'l-Nussbaum]
G821001-b PR: 1 : Keith, Prowse            

All people that on Earth … {from Saints Alive} [Jones]
J496001   MS: 2            

The Harry Lime theme {from The Third Man} [Karas]
K002001   MS: 1            

Fest-Ouverture (Festival overture) Op. 42 [Leutner-Weninger]
L242001   MS: 1                  

Inimioară (My heart) [Miro]
M475001 PR: 1 : Liber      

Ave Verum [Mozart-Salabert]
M587002-a   MS: 1                  

Minuet {from Symphony no. 41 'Jupiter'} [Mozart]
M587009 PR: 1 : Roehr      

Bell gavotte and Priests' march {from The Magic Flute} [Mozart-Fletcher]
M587011   MS: 1                  

Narcissus Op. 13 [Nevin-Pagel]
O156003 [2] PR: 1 : Richard Birnbach            

Cielito lindo [Dos Santos-Leslie-Cowrick]
P244001-a [2] PR: 2 : Ricordi            

The song of the rose [Schreier/Bottero]
S116001 PR: 2 : Ricordi            

Valse triste {from Kuolema} [Sibelius]
S406001-a   MS: 1            

Sussex by the sea [Ward-Higgs]
W028001   MS: 1            

Hava nagila [Various]
X161005   MS: 1            

10 printed and 12 MS parts from 19 works