Instrumental Scores from the R H Allen Collection

in the Library of the
North East of Scotland Music School

selected by Instrument and arranged by Composer

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Thursday 18th July 2024

2nd Cello

Vimy Ridge [Bidgood]
B451001   MS: 1            

March from Carmen [Bizet]
B452006   MS: 1            

Gipsy moon [Borganoff]
B594001   MS: 1            

Solemn melody [Davies]
D009001   MS: 1            

Poëm [Fibich]
F271001-c   MS: 1            

Poëm [Fibich-Kubelik]
F271001-d   MS: 2                  

Judex {from Mors et Vita} [Gounod-Tours]
G446002-c   MS: 1                  

Largo [Handel]
H008002-a   MS: 1            

Evening prayer {from Hansel and Gretel} [Humperdinck]
H806002   MS: 1            

In a Persian market [Ketèlbey]
K121003-a   MS: 1            

Sanctuary of the heart [Ketèlbey]
K121004-a   MS: 2            

Andantino [Lemare]
L236001-1   MS: 1            

Intermezzo {from Cavalleria Rusticana} [Mascagni]
M022001 [in K321001-a]   MS: 1            

Czardas [Monti]
M576001-a   MS: 1            

Ave Verum [Mozart-Salabert]
M587002-a   MS: 1                  

Deutscher Tanz K600 No. 1 [Mozart]
M587004   MS: 1            

Jerusalem [Parry]
P009001   MS: 1            

Golden sonata [Purcell-Jensen]
P842001-a   MS: 1                  

Siegfried Idyll [Wagner-Pringsheim]
W002007-a PR: 1 : Schott's Söhne            

Polka {from Schwanda the Bagpiper} [Weinberger]
W159001   MS: 1            

Londonderry air [Various]
X161011   MS: 1                  

1 printed and 22 MS parts from 21 works