Instrumental Scores from the R H Allen Collection

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North East of Scotland Music School

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Thursday 18th July 2024

Bb Tenor Saxophone

Popular waltzes [Berlin-Dee]
B225001-b PR: 1 : Francis, Day & Hunter            

Santiago [Corbin-Winte]
C528001 PR: 2 : Boosey & Hawkes            

The Boulevardier [Curzon]
C852001   MS: 1            

Sonatina symfonicka Op.100 [Dvorák-Arnell/Rokos]
D911004   MS: 1                  

Poëm [Fibich-Geehl]
F271001-a   MS: 1                  

Poëm [Fibich]
F271001-c   MS: 1            

Casino dances [Gung'l]
G821001-a PR: 1 : Boosey & Hawkes      

Nimm mich mit! (Take me too) [Lincke]
L438001 PR: 1 : Hawkes & Son      

The Savoy tango medley [Michaeloff]
M476001 PR: 1 : Keith, Prowse      

The song of the rose [Schreier/Bottero]
S116001 PR: 1 : Ricordi            

Roses from the south [Strauss-Winter]
S712004 PR: 1 : Boosey & Hawkes            

Schatz-Walzer [Strauss II]
S712010-a   MS: 1            

Artists' life [sic] [Strauss-Winter]
S712017 PR: 2 : Boosey & Hawkes            

Le Regiment de Sambe-et-Meuse [Turlet]
T832001   MS: 1            

Sérénade [Widor]
W375001-a   MS: 1            

Hava nagila [Various]
X161005   MS: 1                  

10 printed and 8 MS parts from 16 works