Instrumental Scores from the R H Allen Collection

in the Library of the
North East of Scotland Music School

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Friday 29th September 2023

3rd Violin or Viola

The bells of St Mary's [Adams-Jaxon]
A121001   MS: 1                  

Trumpet voluntary [Clarke]
C397001-a   MS: 1            

Christmas concerto [Corelli]
C506002   MS: 1            

Sonatina symfonicka Op.100 [Dvorák-Arnell/Rokos]
D911004   MS: 1                  

Poëm [Fibich]
F271001-c   MS: 1            

Suite from the music for the Royal Fireworks [Handel-Harty]
H008005-a   MS: 1                  

Rosamunde ballet music no. 2 [Schubert-Hunt]
S119009-a PR: 3 : Boosey & Hawkes            

Radetzky march [Strauss I]
S711001   MS: 1