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Thursday 29th February 2024

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Jackson, Mahalia (1911-1972) American

If I can help somebody: song / Androzzo {17/011 a,c - words by Mahalia Jackson}

If I can help somebody: song / Androzzo {17/011 b,d-f - words by Mahalia Jackson}

Jacobi, Johann Georg (1740-1814) German

Litany for All Souls' Day / Schubert {solo v. : 17/496-4 - [words by] Jacobi; Eng. version Th. Baker}

Jacobsen, Jens Peter (1847-1885) Danish

Fünf Lieder (Five songs) / Delius {09/059 - from the Danish of Ludwig Holstein (1) and J. P. Jacobsen (2-5)}

  1. The violet 2. In the garden of the serraglio 3. Silken shoes 4. Autumn 5. Irmelin

Nun sag ich dir zum ersten Mal (Lied Toves) {from Gurrelieder} / Schoenberg {solo v. : 17/495.7 - [words by] J. P. Jacobsen}

Jacobson, Maurice (1896-1976) English

The Roman road / Jacobson {solo v. : 17/296.5 - 'poem by Peggy Laing, words by Maurice Jacobson' }

Jaxone, H. L. D'Arcy (d. 1915) English

The last milestone: song / Pontet {16/050-4 [20] - words by H. L. D'Arcy Jaxone}

The last milestone: song / Pontet {17/453 - words by H. L. D'Arcy Jaxone}

Only once more: song / Moir {16/050-5 [34] - words by H. L. D'Arcy Jaxone}

Watching and praying: song, with v. obbl. ad lib. / Gounod {10/045-5[6] - words by H. L. D'Arcy Jaxone}

Jefferson, Herbert Unknown

The way of life / Shaw {solo v. : 17/509.5 - words by Herbert Jefferson}

Jefferys, Charles (1807-1865) English

The blind girl to her harp: song / Glover {16/050-4 [14] - words by Charles Jefferys}

Bonny Mary of Argyle / Nelson {solo v. : p. voc. + sol-fa 16/050-1[36] - words by C. Jefferys}

Home to our mountains {from Il Trovatore}: 'Gipsy' duet "Si, la stanchezza m'opprime" / Verdi {sop. & ten. : 18/171-2 - words by Charles Jefferys}

The Miserere scene {from Il Trovatore}: voc. duet / Verdi {18/171-1 a-b - words by Charles Jefferys}

The tempest of the heart (Il balen del suo sorriso) {from Il Trovatore} / Verdi {solo v. : 17/556-9 - Eng. words Charles Jefferys}

Jerome, William (1865-1932) American

Just try to picture me, back home in Tennessee / Donaldson {solo v. : 17/166 - words by William Jerome}

Johnson, George W. (1846-1914) American

When you and I were young, Maggie: solo and [SATB} chorus / Butterfield {p. voc. + sol-fa 16/050-1[69] - words by Geo. W. Johnson}

Johnson, Reginald C. Noel (19th-20th c.) English

see Mainwairing, Anthony

Johnston, Horace Eugene (1927-2001) American

see Horace Everett

Johnstone, Gordon (1876-1926) American

The great awakening Op. 45 No. 5: song / Kramer {17/323 - words by Gordon Johnstone}

There is no death: sacred song / O'Hara {17/436-3 - words by Gordon Johnstone}

Jolly, William (d.2014) Scottish

La Belle Hélène: opéra bouffe / Offenbach {Spec Coll - Eng. libr. added by William C. Jolly}

Jolson, Al (1886-1950) American

Anniversary song (Oh! how we danced) / Chaplin {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/116.7 - by Al Jolson and Saul Chaplin}

Jones, H. Clayton Unknown

I wonder why? / Dean {solo v. : p. voc. + sol-fa 17/152.5 - words by H. Clayton Jones}

Jones, Idwal (1895-1937) Welsh-American

Good night (Nos da): song / Jones {17/303 - orig. poem by Idwal Jones}

Jones, Thomas Gwynn (1871-1949) Welsh

Nos Galan (New Year's Eve) / Clements {p. voc. + sol-fa 17/124.5 - Welsh by Ceiriog, Eng. by T. Gwynn Jones}

Jones, William (19th c.) Welsh

O! Na byddai'n haf o hyd (Oh! that Summer smil'd for aye) / Davies {solo v. : p. voc. + sol-fa 17/150 - Welsh by Mrs Prichard; Eng. by William Jones}

Jonson, Ben (1572-1637) English

By a fountainside Op. 12 No. 6 {from Seven Elizabethan Lyrics}: song / Quilter {17/462-14 - words by Ben Jonson}

Drink to me only with thine eyes / Quilter {solo v. : 17/462-2 a-b - words by Ben Jonson}

Lie strewn the white flocks: pastoral for chor., mez.-sop. solo etc / Bliss {01/018 - poems from Ben Jonson, John Fletcher, Poliziano, Theocritus & Robert Nichols}

Love: duet in canon / Marzials {18/097-3 - words by Ben Jonson}

Seven songs Op. 36 / Gardner {SATB choir : 18/060 - words by Elizabethan poets Shakespeare, Herrick, Jonson and Wotton}

Jørgensen, Johannes (1866-1956) Danish

A flower (Sænk kun dit hoved, du blomst): song / Knudsen {17/321 - [orig. Johannes Jørgensen] Eng. version Marie Boileau}

Joshua, Lynn (19th-20th c.) Welsh

We'll keep a welcome / Jones {solo v. : 17/303-2 - words by Lynn Joshua & James Harper}

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